Cole Hamels: Top 3 most likely trade destinations


Photo Credit:  Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Phillies held onto their lefty starter Cole Hamels through the trade deadline in 2014 with general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. making the asking price for any of their desirable players far too high, desperately grapsing to the belief that his team could still win despite their aging core.

The Phillies truly are an aging team. If anything proves that they need to rebuild and fill their farm system with some young, premium talent, it was their 73-89 record on the year, tied for sixth worst in the league with the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox. 

Players, fans, MLB executives alike, no one likes the word “rebuild” but it is what the Phillies need to do. The biggest and most important trading chip they have to play is Hamels.

Using the left hander to trade for a group of young talent to fortify their farm system is their only real chance to begin to rebuild the team to its former dominance.

This may not be easy with the plethora of free agent starters on the market in Max Scherzer, Jon Lester and James Shields. The Phillies’ price will be high for Hamels who, despite his 9-9 record, had a career year in 2014 posting a 2.46 ERA. 

They will want propects and then there’s the small issue of the team taking on the last four years of Hamels’ seven-year $153 million contract, which could actually be a good deal for a team with prospects galore.

Free agents on the market may be looking for a deal that size, while a team would only have to commit to Hamels for four years with a team option for 2019, should they want to keep him. Thus, they’d be paying him at most $90-$114 million. 

Hamels is one of the leagues premiere lefties, proven in both the regular and postseason who is coming off a career year. Another plus for a team willing to barter with the Phillies for Hamels? His age. Hamels will turn 31 over the offseason. He’s experienced yet some of his best years ma still be a head of him.

With all the free agents on the market the Phillies may wait until the trade deadline to deal Hamel’s when his value may be higher to contending teams in need of pitching.

However, Hamels has a partial no-trade clause in his contract and rumor has it that he is updating the list of teams he can be traded to as we speak. The list currently consists of the Dodgers, Angels, Padres, Cardinals, Nationals, Braves, Yankees, Red Sox, and Rangers.

The Cubs showed interest in Hamels over the summer and with their promising young up and coming team, the Cubs could be a team that Hamels may add to his list. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds, and it may be awhile but here are the three most likely trade destinations for Hamels.

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