After 16 year wait, Tim Hudson loses World Series start

Photo Credit: Rick Scuteri/USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Rick Scuteri/USA TODAY Sports

Pitcher Tim Hudson had been waiting 16 years for Friday’s game, to finally pitch in the World Series. He’d been to the playoffs so many times before.

He played in the American League Division Series with the Oakland Athletics four straight years from 2000-2003 only to lose in game five to the New York Yankees twice, the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Red Sox.

Hudson, a four time All-Star, was traded to the Atlanta Braves in 2005 playing in the National League Division Series that year and also again in 2012. However, the Braves too lost both series, the first to the Houston Astros and the seocnd to the San Francisco Giants.

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This season was the first time that Hudson’s team, now the San Francisco Giants, finally got through to the World Series. They defeated the Piittsburgh Pirates in the one-game Wild Card playoff, the Washington Nationals in the NLDS and the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship Series.

Hudson admitted that he got choked up when the Giants won the NLCS and his wife sobbed as she and their three kids ran out onto the field to congratulated Hudson. Even his teammates kept telling him how happy they were for him, to have after so many seasons, finally made the World Series.

Friday night was Hudson’s first World Series appearance in 16 seasons. He got the nod to start game three and although his pitching was impressive, it just wasn’t as impressive as Kansas City Royals’ pitcher Jeremy Guthrie. Hudson got the loss.

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to go out there and pitch, give us a chance to win,” Hudson said. “Unfortunately, we just came up short.”

Although neither pitcher’s start was particularly impressive, both had streaks of where they shut down at least 10 batters in a row, however, Hudson allowed three runs on four hits and Guthrie only allowed two runs, also on four hits.

Hudson walked one and struck out two batterrs while Guthrie didn’t give up a walk or get a strikeout. Guthrie became the only pitcher in World Series history to win the game without walking or striking out a single batter.

I should go into the stellar outings by both bullpens that held the game at the same score of 3-2, once both starting pitchers had left the game. Guthrie pitch five innings and Hudson pitched 5.2.

Photo Credit: David J. Phillip/AP
Photo Credit: David J. Phillip/AP

Alcides Escobar took Hudson deep enough for a triple on Hudson’s first pitch of the second inning. Hudson settled down. Getting the first out and then getting Lorenzo Cain to ground out to shortstop Brandon Crawford for the second out. Cain’s ground out, however, plated Escobar making the score 1-0 Royals.

Prior to the game Hudson told the Tampa Bay Times,

“It’s been a long journey. You often wonder as your career keeps going and you get to 10 years, 12 years, 14, 16, you often wonder, ‘Is it in the cards for me?

It was in the cards for Hudson. Unfortunately for the 39-year old right hander a World Series game win was not.

In the top of the sixth Hudson allowed a single to Alcides Escobar who then scored on a double by Alex Gordon. After getting Lorenzo Cain to ground out, Hudson was replaced by Javier Lopez.

Lopez allowed Eric Hosmer to single which scored Gordon. Of course, with Gordon being an inherited runner, the Royals third run was charged to Hudson. Hudson would recieve the loss if his team did not come back in the bottom of the inning.

The Giants almost did just that, bringing around Crawford and Michael Morse to score. But that was all the offense the Giants or the Royals could manage to score for the remainder of the game (as I mentioned there were some brilliant performances by both teams’ bullpens). 

Melvin's Misfits and Oakland A's Socks Girl!
Melvin’s Misfits and Oakland A’s Socks Girl!

There is a chance Hudson could get a second try at getting a World Series win. If the series goes to seven games, it is currently tied 2-2 as the Giants came back and rocked the Royals usually stellar bullpen and to win the game Saturday by the score of 11-4, Hudson would be slated to pitch the seventh game.

Who knows? The series is tied. It could happen. Hudson could have a chance to get the elusive World Series “W.” This die-hard, true Oakland A’s fan hopes that he doesn’t get that chance and if he does that he doesn’t get that win.

Yeah, that’s just me though. I don’t believe in “Bay Area fans.” I say pick a side and stick with them through thick and thin, win or lose. So therefore I do not like the Giants, never have, never will.

Some people agree with me completely. Others think it’s weird. But like in religion and politics everyone has their own opinion or way of living and that’s the way I define “fandon.” 

There’s a similar argument that goes on in places like this – big metropolitian areas with two teams, Chicago and New York, so it’s neither here nor there, just adding my little “Oaktown twist” to the story.

I’d go on to talk about Hudson’s bar fight the night before game three of the 2003 ALDS in Boston that ended up being a big part of the A’s losing that would have been series clinching game three … but that story my friends is for another day. 

Confused giants fans at the A's game. (the giants weren't playing)
Confused giants fans at the A’s game. (the giants weren’t playing)

To conclude with the same topic this piece started on – Tim Hudson, once an Athletic, once a Brave and now a Giant, got his first World Series start Friday night and unfortunately for Hudson the end result was another loss on his postseason record.

Hudson is 1-4 in 12 postseason starts, his only win coming in the 2001 ALDS wben the Athletics took on the New York Yankees. 

Hudson will likely finish his career in San Francisco. He signed a 2-year, $23 million contract with the Giants prior to the 2014 season. Hudson has two or three possibilities to ever start a World Series again, the potential game seven, or maybe even next season. All of that is possibly but at the same time for there to be a game seen AND for the Giants to be in the World  Series again in 2015 are unlikely.

So for all intents and purposes Hudson has pitched his only career World Series game and he lost it. (I guess that is Karma for you … jk. kinda)

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