Mike Moustakas might be the best teammate ever!

What could Mike Moustakas have said to Brandon Finnegan that made him the best teammate of the day?

When I saw this quote I thought it was so sweet. I didn’t want to forget it so here is goes on my blog!

Ed Zurga/Getty Images
Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Brandon Finnegan, the relief pitcher who was the Royals first round draft pick in June, was the first pitcher in history to pitch in both the College World Series and the World Series in the same year.

He pitched in June for Texas Christian University (TCU) and got called up to the big leagues on September 6 by the Kansas City Royals.

Now the Royals are in the World Series. Finnegan has been completely lights out throughout September, the playoff, even his other World Series appearances.

He’s made such an impact that the cap he wore in game three of the 2014 World Series on Friday was asked for by the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Of course, Finnegan said they could have it.

Skip to game four on Saturday and the 21-year old kid was, for once, not lights out. He allowed five runs in just one inning of work against the San Francisco Giants. 

His teammate Mike Moustakas gets my vote for the “best teammate of the day award (maybe ever) award” for saying this:

“Listen, man, you’re disgusting, you’re nasty. Never forget how nasty you are.”


Photo Credit: Harry How/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Harry How/Getty Images

Of course other teammates were there for the rookie as well. Eric Hosmer said, “It’s baseball, it happens.” And while he is correct, it is baseball and well, anything can happen at any time, his words were nicely supportive but Mike Moustakas’ words take the cake! 

Finnegan seemed un-phased by the five run incident saying,

“I made my pitches and they hit it just soft enough and hard enough to get in. They got theirs tonight, but we’ll get ours tomorrow.”

They may have to wait unti they head back to Kansas City for games six and seven as currently the Giants lead 2-0 going into the bottom of the seventh in game five but – it’s not over yet, in baseball anything can happen.  You just gotta remember what Mike Moustakas said regardless of what position you play, 

“Never forget how nasty you are.”

Thanks for that one Moustakas!! It is truly (and I mean this very sincerely) inspirational!! What a great teammate!



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