ICYMI: Sporting News’ 2014 MLB Awards: the Complete List


To be entirely honest I’m getting tired of writing one of these for each award … might combine them when MLB announces their awards (to be even more honest I will likely do separate posts as I don’t usually like taking short cuts on anything! But we’ll see … time permitting! lol) But here are the links to the awards that were announced earlier this week and then I will get to who won the Sporting News‘ Player of the Year … who will it be?! Clayton Kershaw or Mike Trout? 

Also, if you want feel free before scrolling all the way down just to find out – LOL – to check out the links below that will tell you all about the 2014 Sporting News MLB Awards! 🙂 Enjoy your day – and read a little about baseball before watching the World Series tonight because reading is fun! hehe! 

The 2014 Sporting News MLB Awards:

Clayton Kershaw vs. Mike Trout: Who won out as the Sporting News’ Player of the Year?

This award is voted on by 244 Major League players vote on this particular award. The winner only earned three more votes than the runner up … Despite his playoff meltdowns and because this is a regular season award the Sporting News’ Player of the Year is …. (remember both Kershaw and Trout had lousy post season performances in 2014) … 

Clayton Kershaw

of the Los Angeles Dodgers

This isn’t surprising as many people believe that Kershaw will win both the National League Cy Young Award and the National League MVP Awards for the 2014 MLB Season. 

Kershaw posted a 1.77 ERA on the season and won 23 games. According to the Sporting News,

“Kershaw’s 1.77 ERA this season was the lowest in baseball since Pedro Martinez posted a 1.74 figure for the 2000 Red Sox, the lowest for a left-hander since Ron Guidry’s 1.74 for the 1978 Yankees, and the lowest for a National League southpaw since Koufax had a 1.73 ERA for the 1966 Dodgers.”

Those are some pretty amazing statistics and some outstanding company for Kershaw to be in. It isn’t surprising, however. Kershaw has won two of the last three NL Cy Young Awards, is a four time All-Star all at the age of 26 and in his seventh season in the Majors.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The crowning moment of 2014 for Kershaw was the near-perfect no-hitter he threw against the Colorado Rockies on June 18. The only thing that stood between Kershaw, who struck out 15 batters, and perfection was – no it was not a walk, which is what would normally go in this sentence – a throwing error by shortstop Hanley Ramierz.

The LA Times Steve Dilbeck (along with many other members of the media, former players, pretty much anyone who saw it or even highlights of it) wrote that Kershaw had,

“provided baseball with its greatest pitching performance.”

It’s as close to the truth as it was to being a perfect game. I’ve witnessed a perfect game live and it was glorious. Clayton Kershaw’s performance in June was glorious too. He became the only pitcher to throw a no-hitter without a walk and with 15 strikeouts. 

Despite Kershaw’s 7th inning curse in the postseason, he’s definitely among the all-time best pitchers in baseball history and at 26 he is only getting started.

Others who recieved votes were Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Altuve, Jonathan Lucroy, Derek Jeter, Michael Brantley, Felix Hernandez, David Price and Josh Donaldson (yay!). But the clear top two were Trout and Kershaw and as is Trout’s own curse he once again found himself in the runnner up spot. This time by only three votes.



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