Wainwright was not fine during postseason run, had surgery Friday


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The Cardinals kept saying he was fine, but Adam Wainwright had surgery on his pitching elbow Friday!

The St. Louis Cardinals and their star ace Adam Wainwright consistently said that he was just fine to play in the post season, even though it was suspecious that his numbers took a small dive in the second half of the season and he struggled some during the playofss, especially in the final game four of the NLCS against the San Francisco Giants’ ace Madison Bumgarner.

Wainwright was removed from the game early and talks began again about his “dead arm.” Still the Cardinals insisted that Wainwright was healthy and feeling good enough to play even during this very week, even though at one point during the season the right-hander had mentioned something about having irritation behind his right elbow.

But it still seems as though the Cardinals seem to have been hiding the truth from us baseball fans, although it isn’t clear why they did not come clean on Wainwright’s condition as soon as the NLCS had concluded. The team was out and it would have been no harm done.

As it turned out Wainwright underwent a surgical procedure on his elbow early Friday to have a ligament trimmed in his elbow according to Derrick Gold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. However there have been other reports have been saying it was not a ligament but catliedge that was trimmed.

According to the Cardinals who confirmed the the procedure had in fact take place, general manager John Mozeliak, said that Wainwright underwent an MRI earlier in the week and was prescribed rest.

Wainwright decided to get a second opinion, according to Gold, which is what prompted him to undergo the surgery. Apparently the ace pitcher’s mechanics had been thrown off during a game in New York in June and as Gold writes,

“It’s not uncommon for a pitcher’s delivery to be compromised by one injury and have it lead to others because of the increased strain on other joints.”

That is quite a true statement. When one part of the delievery is out of whack, one issue can certainly lead to more.

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