John Hart to be Braves’ president of baseball operations

They still dont have a GM in Atlanta but the John Hart mystery has finally been solved!

Photo Credit: David Tulis/AP
Photo Credit: David Tulis/AP

Just a week ago there were reports that Atlanta Braves interim general manager John Hart,66, had declined the offer to be the GM of the Braves full-time.

However, after a little digging I found that team president John Schuerholz had written a scathing email to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution saying that the story, orginally reported by Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan, was just that – a story. It was not true and completely full of speculation.

Hart had hinted at the fact that he liked being in a less demanding advisory role and wasn’t sure if he would want all the pressure and responsibilities that come with being a full-time GM.

Still the Braves refuted the story and even I will admit it was difficult to see how he would actually say “yes” to the job when he could relax as an advisor.

But my gut feeling on this one was offbase because FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reported that the Braves did confirm Thursday morning  that John Hart will not be the GM of the team but he will have the big role and opportunity of becoming the Braves’ first the president of baseball operations.

The Braves  also disclosed some of the details of Hart’s new contract as president of baseball operations via Twitter,

That is a position that is fairly new in baseball. We’ve seen it in Chicago and will soon be seeing it in action in Los Angeles with the Dodgers. The position doesnt involve handling all the dy-to-day acpects of the general manager’s job but there is decision making involved as the GM reports directly to the president of baseball operations.

So half of the question has been answered and that was “How is John Hart going to fit somewhere in this organization?” But it still leaves us with the question of “Who is the GM going to be?”

Much like in Los Angeles the Braves now have the recently adopted poition that is above that of the GM but neither team has given any indication as to who they are looking into for general manger.

I guess that means we’ll still have to wait to know but at least the mystery of John Hart’s future has been solved.


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