Latest Leaders – September 2014


Latest Leaders – September 2014.


Thanks for helping keep Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk on the Latest Leaders List! Still holding in there at #18 during the month of September!

I know, as do any of you who read my blog regularly, that I have been neglecting my blogging duties in favor of working (but come on! Work pays the bills AND I get to talk about baseball! Can’t go wrong there!)

If you want to read some of my stuff you can find it on FanSided or FanSided’s signature MLB site: Call to the Pen. Please check out some of my articles! I would love to get some new readers, maybe inspire some old readers to comeback! Remember the bonus is it help me – and I really am a nice girl – pay my bills each article you click on! LOL!!

But I will try to keep up the work over here on BBST as well! Thanks again for reading and returning!! Have a lovely Wednesday!

xo ~ Jen


P.S. – This is a MUST READ blog post by Eireann Dolan: CHECK IT OUT! Inspired by the A’s fans recent implementation of #SeanDoolittleAppreciationDay!


  • Congrats, again, as the numbers between our blogs continue to increase! The end of the minor league season hurt me a little bit, probably. My Tigers will be seeing your A’s in the playoffs NEXT season, guaranteed! Take care.

    • Haha! I certainly hope so! I am swamped with work I’ve been neglecting my blog! Glad yours is doing well too! Speaking of MiLB Im going to fall ball in a couple weeks! I will report back to you on prospect! Go Mesa Solar Sox! LOL! 🙂

      • I would love to do a AFL trip, it’s definitely on my bucket list. I look forward to hearing about the prospects.

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