Paul Konerko Day!

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We’ve already had a tribute to and look back on Paul Konerko‘s tremendous 18-year career on Call to the Pen but on Saturday Paul Konerko got to finally have his own day at U.S. Cellular Field on the Southside of Chicago. It was well deserved and a long time coming.

We’ve known all season that this would be the Chicago White Sox Captain’s last but he hasn’t had all the fanfare that has been in the form of the game’s farewell to Derek Jeter, however, Konerko is very much like Jeter in so many ways just without the New York spotlight and recognition.

Konerko is the “everyman,” that guy that anyone can relate to, he has shunned the spotlight and for the most part quietly, and other times (like his World Series grand slam in 2005) not so quietly, did his job and did it well. A humble man, Konerko is the the essence of the people of the the Southside and they know that.

Read more about all that Paul Konerko entailed (some really cool surprises await! I promise! I even included a video!) via the link below:

Paul Konerko celebrated by White Sox

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