Latest Leaders – August 2014

Thank you for making Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk make the list of  MLBlogs Latest Leaders for August!

1989! and some 2014 #OaklandSockSwag … SWEEP DREAMS gnats!

Every time you stop by here you make move towards being the #1 MLBlog! It went from 19th in July to 18th in August! Not bad! Keep coming back and help it move further up the list and I will try to provide cool, new content and of course my somewhat Oakland biased opinion!!

With my all time favorite: THE ECK!!! 2014

It’s been harder keeping up with the blog since I have been taking on more responsibilities and deadlines at work but I love this little blog …. so yep! It’ll be here!

Check out the link to the August Leaders List to find some more fun blogs – from beat writers to fan blogs to front office blogs – you’ll find just a long list of good baseball talk and fun!

Enjoy! Thanks for reading!

Love & A’s Baseball (win or lose), Jen 



Latest Leaders – August 2014.

I Love Baseball!!
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