My column on the front page of!

My 1st column to make the front page of the Sports Illustrated website!

To Read the original article CLICK HERE!

So yeah! My completely awesome column (that I honestly did relatively fast since I overslept) made the front page of Sports Illustrated’s website for the first time! How awesome is that? It’s one thing having fun and running a MLB site for FanSided but applying for the Features Division was a great idea! I just have to write three extra pieces a week – plus a few a day for Call to the Pen and then attempt to keep up with my poor blog!!!

My blog numbers are dwindling – actually I am going to write an entire blog post about this but I may as well mention it – all those links I post on social media pages – ya know those? They probably annoy y’all but if you click on the link it helps me make more financially which is hugely important at this point in my life – even if you aren’t interested in baseball or don’t have time to read it – clicking on it helps!

What helps in a different way is if you (preferably of course) do have time to read my column/article/whatever and you like it?? Please share it, pass it along because that helps me get my name out there and gain credibility. You can even share my blog posts! Anyways, I will write more on that in it’s own blog post!

But this post is to celebrate being featured in Sports Illustrated for the first time!! Woo hoo!! I’ve been working hard for this so it actually feels really cool! Well, thanks for checking out my lovely blog – one of these days I might actually write about Socks again because it’s been all baseball since early in the season ….. LOL! Gotta keep with the blog name and sentiment – I am the Oakland A’s Socks Girl after all … whether that’s a good or bad thing I go back and forth on! Just kidding!! LOL! It’s brought me many more positive experiences than I could have ever asked for! Have a great day y’all and thanks for letting me commemorate this moment! 😀

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