The combined no-hitter, one of MLB’s rarest feats

Ever wonder about combined no-hitters? I’d never really thought about them much myself. Probably because they are a rare feat to accomplish. There have been 286 recorded no-hitters since 1875. 43 of which were recorded before 1901, the year considered by most to be the beginning of the modern era of baseball.

In all that time there have been 11 combined no-hitters all during the modern era. This includes MLB’s most recent combined no-hitter accomplished Monday by four members of the Philadelphia Phillies, starter Cole Hamels, lefty Jake Diekman and righties Ken Giles and Jonathan Papelbon.

The combined no hitter, it’s a feat even more rare than pitching a perfect game. There have been 23 perfect games in MLB history yet just 11 combined no-hitters. To be honest, I was under the impression until Monday that perfect games were the rarest of feats to witness. Now (having been at MLB’s 19th perfect game) it appears there is another important baseball feat I need to be lucky enough to see.

To learn more about Monday’s combined no-hitter and the history of combined no-hitters check out the rest of my story:

Phillies’ combined no-hitter is one of MLB’s rarest feats

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