It’s possible: A team can finish last while having BOTH the batting champion AND the HR champion on their roster

Bob Levey/Getty Images
Jose Altuve and Chris Carter, Houston Astros. Bob Levey/Getty Images

So this is interesting! It was just brought to my attention while watching the Cardinals play the Pirates and it makes sense but not a lot of people pay attention to the Houston Astros but an odd situation could very well occur for the team once the 2014 MLB season has come to an end. 

The Houston Astros, who have the second worst record in the American League, could possibly finish dead last and have both the A.L. Home Run Champion and the Batting Champion as part of their last place team.

Of course the Astros will probably not fall quite as far as the Texas Rangers have with all their injuries but it’s not impossible. Just like it’s not impossible that the A’s will win the A.L. West but they are going to have to be extraordinary good in this last month of the regular season to do it. Similarly the Astros would have to be extraordinarily bad down the stretch.

So how does this work and some of you may even be asking yourselves who on the Astros could end up the A.L. home run champ and who on Houston would end up the A.L. batting champ?

The first one is fairly obvious if you follow baseball but like most years a lot of people are still writing the Astros off as irrelevant. In a sense they still are. They are on pace to finish the season 26 games under the .500 mark. So it’s understandable – but surely you’ve heard of Jose Altuve, right? 

Altuve is 5’15”!! Yes, I did say five feet, five inches tall! That’s crazy, right?Not the guy you would expect to be the greatest ball player but he is amazing. I seriously LOVE this guy! I wish he was on the A’s … nice pipe dream Jen …. 

He’s been leading the entire league the majority of the year in batting average. He is currently leading MLB with a .336 batting average. That is almost ten points higher than the second place hitter, Detroit’s Victor Martinez. It’s better than Robinson Cano, Jose Abreu and Adrian Beltre who are all hitting in the .320’s. 

Altuve is famous if you are a baseball fanatic but how many people really realize how he’s been playing this year. The same goes for the Astro’s candidate for the home run title. I know who Chris Carter is because he used to play in the A’s organization and even I was shocked when he hit his 30th home run – he currently has 33 homers just two home runs behind the MLB leader Nelson Cruz. He is tied with superstar Giancarlo Stanton and rookie phenom Jose Abreu. 

When you think about it that is pretty crazy. How can a team be so bad yet be harboring the likely A.L. (and MLB) Batting Champion and the possible Home Run Champion? 

hou_1200x630Weird right? Well, the Astros probably won’t finish dead last and Chris Carter may not be the home run champ but he has a chance and unless Altuve has some sort  of meltdown he should end up leading the Majors in batting average at the end of the season …. fascinating isn’t it??? I thought so which is why it’s now here on my blog ….

Oh and the Astros’ also fired their manager Bo Porter today …. find the story here:

Tension, lack of communication leads Astros to fire manager Bo Porter


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