BoMel on the A’s recent play: “Pathetic” (video)

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I hate to say it but it’s actually impossible to completely disagree with A’s manager Bob Melvin on this one. The A’s have been sloppy defensively – and it was virtually impossible for them to score with runners in scoring position in their final three games of their four game series with the Angels … Out of the 37 innings that took place in the series against the Angels the A’s didn’t score in 29 of those innings – IN A ROW! It is pathetic and it is embarrassing and I agree with what BoMel says in the video,”That’s not who we are.”

HERE IS THE  LINK: Bob Melvin on the A’s recent play (courtesy of NBC’s HardBallTalk)

And here is the transcript:

“What can you say? It was embarrassing. Pathetic. We don’t play like that. The last three games here are the worst I’ve seen this team play in… I can’t remember how long. I feel bad for our fans to have to watch that . . . The reason I’m upset is because that’s not who we are. That’s not who we’ve been for three years. And for the last… I don’t know how long, it’s mounted. It’s been frustrating. But that last three games for us is just not who we are. At all. And it’s embarrassing. They all should be embarrassed.

I’m done. Thank you.”

Sorry I couldn’t get the video to embed correctly!

I mean he is right isn’t he? That isn’t who we are … as an A’s fan I will love my team no matter what – ALWAYS – and while there are times when I have literally thought I cannot be more PROUD of them as a team … this IS one of those times when I really am EMBARRASSED – more for them than by them.

That said, We’ve started September in second place the last two seasons and wound up division champions. The feat is not impossible but it will not be easy. They are going to have to win A LOT and the Angels are going to have to slow down considerably for the A’s not to end up as a Wild Card. If the A’s continue playing like they have over the weekend, we will be lucky to make the postseason at all! 

I believe that this is a new month, we have a new addition in Adam Dunn who could provide some protection in the lineup for Donaldson who has been easy to pitch around with Moss in slump … it is entirely possible that things could turn around and we can pick it up just in time to win a 1-game playoff and continue on into the postseason. Winning our third straight looks unlikely but it isn’t impossible. BUT THE A’S WILL HAVE TO START WITH A WIN TODAY OVER SEATTLE OR THINGS ARE GOING TO LOOK A LOT WORSE! 



**fingers crossed and dead rally monkeys hung in living rooms(LOL)**


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