A’s finish game under protest, lose to Angels in 10th (video)

A play in the ninth inning changed not just the momentum of the game but also how the A’s had to play their game against the Angels on Thursday night. That they would have used their pitchers differently is just one example of why this the A’s protest of this game should be upheld and the game should be resumed in the bottom of the ninth inning. If the A’s were still to lose to the Angels then at least it would have been a fair game. You can read the story along with the observations of those who were there and my analysis (and the observations of others) of the play on Call to the Pen by clicking the link below:

A’s finish game under protest, lose to Angels (video)


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But first you can watch the video and decide for yourself what happened: Was there obstruction by Otero or Moss? Did Otero have the ball before being hit by Aybar? Did Aybar even hit Moss? Did Aybar veer to the left and barrel into Otero? Did Aybar leave the base path? All these question and more should figure into your decision …. Have fun! 🙂
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  • After watching the video, I can see how in the end, Moss was called for obstruction. Aybar ran into Otero while avoiding Moss. What I don’t like is that Otero was called for it initially. I think even if Aybar hadn’t had to avoid Moss he still would’ve been out. I personally think he was trying to run the pitcher over to get him
    To drop the ball, and find it funny he was the one to hit the ground. We all knew this was going to be a tough series for our boys, hopefully we can take the next 3 and take back the lead in the West!

    • I see what you are saying and its just messed up that they can play dirty like that and we get called for it. Their organization is dirty. Tweeting to the fans to do the light wave while Vogt was up with the bases loaded. Manny Machado should’ve warned them … Karma can be a real bitch. I hope we win the division and Seattle wins the WC. Just out of spite bc facing Felix and Iwakuma 3 outta 5 games in the ALDS would really suck.

  • dean

    Aybar should have been called out as he was inside the playing field and collided with Otero and Moss. This is why they have the running lanes just outside of the 1st and 3rd base foul lines to avoid plays like this.

    • I mentioned that I believe so I agree with that point. One of the many reasons you could use to say he was out – he ran way out onto the infield grass!

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