Top 5 A.L. Cy Young Award candidates 2014 (Wed. column)


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The Cy Young Award goes to the best overall pitching performance of the season. This was more difficult to decipher than initially anticipated. Does one look at wins? ERA? Innings pitched? Number of strikeouts? It isn’t easy and I do not necessarily envy the members of the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) who are the lucky few who are afforded the right to make this extremely tough decision.

It goes beyond those statistics mentioned, however. Does one include relief pitchers or number of saves? Should there ERAs factor in when they have pitched far fewer innings? Were there any records set?

In some circumstances I’d say yes, at first, because Dennis Eckersley won the Cy Young Award in 1992 as a closer and Mariano Rivera certainly should have at won one at one  point in his career, although he never actually did win.

Yet there have always been awards for relievers and especially now due to the announcement of the new awards for relievers, the American League Mariano Rivera Award and the National League Trevor Hoffman Award, I think that the Cy Young Award should be limited to starting pitchers in the majority of situations.

There are always exceptions to the rule like Eckersley, Rivera and Hoffman but for the sake of this season and this article this selection will be solely based on starting pitching. and their numbers as of Tuesday, August 26, 2014.I will be looking at certain statistics: wins, ERA, innings pitched and strikeouts.

Without further ado here are my top five picks (and an honorable mention)  for the 2014 American League Cy Young Award.

To find out who I think the top 5 American League candidates are (one or two might surprise you!) check out the link below:

MLB: Top 5 A.L. Cy Young Award candidates

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