Cuddyer, complete games and the top MLB performances of the week

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Up this week Michael Cuddyer goes cycling for history, 3 complete games and more!  Take a look at the video of the Colorado Rockies’ Michael Cuddyer become just the third player in history to hit for the cycle in both the American and National Leagues!


[mlbvideo id=”35468157″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

Also in this week’s top performances: David Price, Rick Porcello, Drew Smyly, the Minnesota Twins, Pittsburgh Pirates and more! Check it out by using the link below:

Top MLB performances of the week: Michael Cuddyer goes for the Cycle

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  • Michael Cuddyer is a super ballplayer. He has been on the DL for lots of this season. As a Met fan, he may be the piece that they need and may be able to get. They would have to trade one of their pitching prospects and maybe more. The would also have to pay him but he’s about as good as Car-Go and probably cheaper.

    • I agree with that analysis and logic – I don’t know all that much about what the Mets need (I know more about the West Coast teams – a hazzard of living out here! lol) so thanks for teaching me something about that – and yes, he is about as good as CarGo – most definitely cheaper because of his age – regardless they both need to stay healthy. I dont exactly root for the Rockies or anything but I dig CarGo so I hope this knee surgery is all he needs to be able to stay healthy once he recovers. As for Cuddyer – he just has to work on his hamstring which can be a tricky injury it seems but the majority of the time he spent on the DL – I believe – was after a collision with the outfield wall that broke his shoulder so that’s not anything recurring, that makes a difference!

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