Are the Mets being too careful with Matt Harvey? (Wed. column)


Brad Penner/USATODAY Sports
Brad Penner/USATODAY Sports

New York Mets’ ace Matt Harvey wants to pitch. He’ll tell anyone who listen and well, he pretty much has. As someone whose written more than one story on Harvey and his desire to pitch in 2014, regardless of what Mets’ general manager Terry Collins says, sometimes I actually think he might.

Harvey is currently recovering from Tommy John surgery. It’s been less than a year since he underwent the procedure on October 22, 2013 and the recovery period for Tommy John surgery is usually 12-18 months. So Harvey pitching this season really should not be an option.

Or should it? Are the Mets being too cautious with Harvey? Can they really even control him? Harvey is nothing if not determined.

Harvey has been eyeing a return to baseball in 2014 from the get-go. After his surgery he fought with Mets’ executives who wanted him to do his rehab in at their facility in Florida but that wasn’t ok with Harvey who wanted to rehab in New York to be around his teammates.

The two parties eventually came to a compromise where Harvey would rehab in Florida while the team was travelling but he could be with them in New York during homestands. It seems however that the Mets are not willing to accommodate Harvey’s wishes anymore.

Thursday Collins put his foot down and told Harvey to “back off.” 

Should Matt Harvey be allowed to pitch in 2014? Or is it better to slow his recovery so there is less chance of re-injury? There Harvey on one side saying he’s fine and the Mets’ executives on the otherside trying to protect their investment. 

Harvey has star power no doubt. He’s determined. He loves the game. He’s got swagger, charm, personality. Most of all he loves the fans and his teammates and they love him back. So what should the Mets do? I had my own ideas and after researching to write this piece I changed my mind …. what do you think? Read my article by clicking the link below and decide for yourself!

MLB: Are the Mets being too careful with Matt Harvey?

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