Mo’ne Davis to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated


Gene J. Puskar/AP
Gene J. Puskar/AP

Yep! A 13-year old girl is going to grace the cover of the latest issue of Sports Illustrated! Crazy isn’t it? Hell yeah, it’s crazy awesome! 

Mo’ne Davis, only the 18th girl in history to play in the Little League World Series (Canada’s Emma Marsh also made the tournament this year), threw back to back shutouts.

The first one got her team into the LLWS as the Philadelphia’s Taney Dragons defeated Delware in a 8-0 rout. In her next start she threw another shutout going back to back, making her the first girl to record a shutout in the LLWS’s 75-year history.

Her second shutout was a 2-hitter. She fanned eight batters as the Dragons defeated Nashville 4-0 on Friday. Her fastball is reportedly 70 mph.

Sports Illustrated

Since then she’s taken not just the sports world but the entire nation by storm. She’s been tweeted about by, the very likley American League MVP of 2014, Mike Trout and NBA star Kevin Durant. Dodgers’ superstar Clayton Kershaw, Davis’ idol, accepted her challenge of a “pitch-off” somewhere down the line and David Ortiz told ESPN’s Joe McDonald

“She throws serious cheese. She can pitch.”

She isn’t just a pitcher. She can field and hit  (she became the 6th girl to collect a hit in the LLWS Friday) and play any position according to Taney manager Alex Rice,

“She didn’t just make the team,” he told The Patriot-News. “At times, she’ll carry the team.”

And everyone’s heard her most famous quote – if you haven’t by now you may have to make sure you are not living under a rock (seriously),

“I throw my curveball like Clayton Kershaw and my fastball like Mo’ne Davis.”



Whether you’ve heard it or not you have to admit that it is bad ass! However, most reports have her described as quiet, mature and almost business-like, not at all cocky. She admitted to being nervous before her Friday score and when asked by ESPN post game about all the national media attention she said she didn’t mind and that she “could always say no.


Wow. Talk about a being a cool kid.


And get this, 5’4″, 111-pound baseball phenom doesn’t even want to play baseball long term – she wants to play NCAA basketball at UConn and eventually in the WNBA. What?! Now she’s a two-sport athlete! Amazing! 

The Dragons take on Las Vegas Wednesday – and don’t worry, if you haven’t see her play yet – you will. It will be on national television.


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