Miss Texas makes me look like a professional pitcher! (video)

This chick is OMFG hysterical!! This is Miss Texas at the Rangers game ladies and gentleman, talk about pathetic! LMAO!

[mlbvideo id=”35408063″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]


This is worse than 50 cent throwing out the first pitch … and it certainly makes my first pitch look good! Although I wish it could make what I was wearing look better and not just the pitch! LOL! (they wouldn’t let me wear jeans, jean shorts or a skirt! But they wanted my socks visible! I couldn’t wear contacts because I had an ulcer on my eye that was healing and it was windy so my hair is up! I look 12! It was awful but I am glad I got to experience it.)

It is certainly something I never thought I would ┬ádo … throw out the ceremonial first pitch for the A’s at the Coliseum! Definitely a once in a lifetime experience to have the A’s contact you and ask you to do it … All I gotta say is I was freaking out the whole time! this girl doesn’t look like she was nervous … she just sucked! LOL!

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