*New, Improved* ICYMI: MLB Updates with Oakland A’s Socks Girl 8/12

1937873_10154372807300026_269571575_nWelcome to ICYMI: MLB Updates with Oakland A’s Socks Girl! Here at Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk I’ve tried to keep my readers updated on what’s new in Major League Baseball in a couple of different ways, though mainly through daily updates that included highlights from my blog (here! bbstmlb.com), the newest articles from the FanSided Network’s flagship MLB site CalltothePen.com and the day’s scores. However, with the editions my position as Editor at Call to the Pen and as a Featured Columnist on FanSided Network’s main page FanSided.com, it has become increasingly difficult to keep you updated on a daily basis and continue to include all the new articles plus the scores from every single game.

So what I am now proposing is this: every week on Saturday and Tuesday (my columns come out on Wed/Sun so this should work out!). I will bring you a approximately a week’s worth of new articles from Call to the Pen, highlights of some of my favorite blog posts from the week here on Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk, any important/relevant posts from other MLBlogs I may have noticed, plus the team standings in each MLB Division and the Wild Card.

If you like the new format or don’t like it, please leave a comment below! Constructive criticism is always welcome as I strive to continue to improve my blog with each post! It seems my readership has diminished a bit lately and any suggestions on whatever I can do to keep you coming back is appreciated! So hopefully you will enjoy the New, (hopefully) Improved edition of ICYMI: MLB Updates with Oakalnd A’s Socks Girl!

Highlights from Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk: as of 8/12/14

My Wednesday and Sunday Columns from FanSided.com: as of 8/12/14

This week’s latest news from Call to the Pen: as of 8/12/14

MLB Division and Wild Card Standings as of 8/12/14:


  1. Orioles 68-50
  2. Blue Jays 63-57
  3. Yankees 61-57
  4. Rays 58-60
  5. Red Sox 52-65


  1. Royals 64-53
  2. Tigers 63-53
  3. Indians 59-59
  4. White Sox 56-63
  5. Twins 53-64


  1. Athletics 72-46**
  2. Angels 68-49
  3. Mariners 63-55
  4. Astros 49-70
  5. Rangers 46-72


  1. Nationals 66-53
  2. Braves 60-58
  3. Marlins 58-60
  4. Mets 57-62
  5. Phillies 53-66


  1. Brewers 66-53
  2. Pirates 63-55
  3. Cardinals 62-55
  4. Reds 50-58
  5. Cubs 50-67


  1. Dodgers 68-52
  2. Giants 62-56
  3. Padres 55-62
  4. Diamondbacks 51-67
  5. Rockies 46-72


A.L. Top 5 teams:

  1. Angels
  2. Tigers
  3. Mariners
  4. Blue Jays 
  5. Yankees

NL Top 5 Teams:

  1. Pirates
  2. Cardinals
  3. Giants
  4. Reds
  5. Braves

** Best Record in MLB


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