Latest Leaders – July 2014 – Need your Help Please! :)


Uh oh! I know I have been neglecting my blog a bit lately in order to get work done on Call to the Pen and get my Featured Columns in by their deadlines for FanSided’s main page – but I worked pretty hard on the blog for July and still fell a little short in the July fan rankings! From May to June I jumped from #34 to #17 but in July I fell back two whole spots to #19! 🙁

Sure, I know it could be worse but it will be worse if I don’t get moving on it for August – so here are some ideas and please leave comments if there is something you guys wanna see or have me write on or do more of !!!

I want you guys to keep coming back so that I can keep moving on up the list because people are enjoying my work!! So here are some ideas I have and questions for y’all so I can hopefully (fingers crossed) get back on the right track and make August an AmAzing month for Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk! (aka BBST or!

So Tell Me How Can I Improve My BLOG???

  • Attempt to do a VIDEO BLOG AT LEAST once a week if not more – from what I remember and I barely tried – y’all liked ”em! 
  • Write at least one original piece every other day – I will continue to post my more favorite articles/columns along with the link to finish them but I’ll be putting in more original pieces! 
  • OK HERE IS WHERE I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU GUYS: Do you like or totally hate when I would do my daily y’all out there who actually read my stuff because I get a certain number of hits a day usually – so I am asking you to please comment!
  • Finally if you have any other suggestions and/or requests please leave them in the comment section!

AND LET’S MOVE BBST up to the top of the MLB Fan Blog Leaders list!!! August has started out slow but maybe by the end of Sept you guys can help me crack the top ten! So absolutely leave comments, PLEASE answer the question I posted about the daily updates and feel free to make any suggestions! 

Thank you sooooo very much! You guys are fAntAstic! And Go A’s! (or to your team, unless its the gnats or Angels! LOL! jk – kinda – not really! LOL 🙂 ) xx ~ Jen

And I can promise y’all one thing ….


Now here’s the latest leaders list for July….

Latest Leaders – July 2014

1. Tilted Cap
2. The Baseball Collector
3. The AustralianBaseballDigest
4. The Brewer Nation
5. Dedicado al Baseball
6. Cook & Sons’ Baseball Adventures
7. The Baseball Haven
8. La Pagina de Tony Menendez
9. The Ballpark Guide
10. Pepper :a Mets Blog
11. Cove Chatter
12. Beisbol 007
13. The Unbiased MLB Fan
14. eltubeyero22
15. Fish Fry
16. Where Everyone’s a Giant
17. mlbblogger
18. Dodger Blue World
19. Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk
20. Born on Third
21. Minoring In Baseball
22. The Canuck Cubbie
23. Coco Crisp’s Afro
24. Bumgarner Snotrockets
25. Phillies Phollowers
26. Blue Jays Musings
27. Pinstripe Birthdays
28. Plouffe’s New Hairdo
29. 81 Giants for 93
30. Flashin’ Leather
31. 2014 Danbury Westerners
32. Gamer Babes from Half Moon Bay
33. baseballqueen
34. Los bigleaguers
35. Pinstripe State of Mind
36. The Baseball Sociologist
37. BrokeMets
38. The Yankee Dinosaur
39. DYNASTY League Baseball from designer of Pursue the Pennant
40. More Splash Hits
41. The Angels’ Ace
42. Snake Bites
43. The Ballhawker
44. Rox Addict
45. The O.Co Show
46. Big Apple Baseball Blog
47. OllieNYankees
48. steel city ballhawk
49. Boston Ballhawk
50. Blind Baseball Perspective

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