The A’s could still easily get Jimmy Rollins from Philly


Dale Zanine/USATODAYSports
Dale Zanine/USATODAYSports

As recently as Wednesday, I wrote a column explaining why the Oakland Athletics should trade for Jimmy Rollins of the Philadelphia Phillies. Little did I know that trading for Rollins had actually been a part of the A’s plan. In fact, it may still be an option. According to Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, the A’s and the Phillies had been in talks about bringing Rollins to Oakland.

At first I thought my ideas on Rollins would be seen as silly or impossible for a couple of reasons that were pointed out to me by those who did think I was way off base in imagining this trade. I was almost beginning to agree with public opinion when I discovered Rosenthal’s tweet.

Apparently before the deadline, by which Philadelphia was unable to move a single player mostly due to their complicated and high-priced contracts, the Phillies had put too high a price tag on Rollins. The A’s wouldn’t bite and the talks did not end up progressing very far.

However,  just because the Phillies and the Athletics were not able to come to an agreement prior to the non-waiver trade deadline does not mean that a trade between the two teams is completely off the table.

Of course the first thing that would have to happen to make this trade viable would be for Rollins to clear waivers. At first glance Rollins clearing waivers doesn’t seem likely. Yet, it was pointed out by FanSided writer Bryan Rose that the idea of Rollins clearing waivers was actually reasonable.

“Given Jimmy Rollins’ age and price tag, it’s possible that the shortstop could clear through waivers.”

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Rollins could still be headed to Oakland

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