A’s score 6 runs in the ninth to steal the game from the Astros (video)

Bob Levy/Getty Images

Machado helps A’s, hits walk-off vs. Angels (video)

(then doesn’t know the difference between whipped cream and chocolate! Silly cry-baby man-boy b*tch)

Honestly, I hate to have to be grateful for Manny Machado hitting a stupid home run but the Angels are now 2 1/2 games back behind the Athletics in the A.L. West. It’s gonna be a tense rest of the season with the teams with the two best records in the game fighting for the same division title, but so far so good, the A’s remain in first place thanks to their astonishing ninth inning comeback and to Machado’s walk-off home run. MLB.com would NOT allow me to embed the video of the A’s AmAzing comeback so you can watch the video of the best boys in the game to your hearts content by CLICKING HERE!

But don’t worry Manny, we here in Oakland still do not like you and still think you are spoiled little brat who I, personally, believe can’t tell the difference between whipped cream and chocolate – unless chocolate whipped cream is white as well … on that I am not 100%. Anyone know if they sell chocolate flavored whipped cream that is still white??? (because obviously to make a “pie” very quickly whipped cream is what you would use, in fact, I believe it is what WE IN OAKLAND use when we have #WalkOffPie … seriously, it’s like other teams just have no originality but that’s another story for another day) I’m truly curious … so please comment and let me know if you know the answer! Thanks! Otherwise I will just end up feeling and looking like a jackass …. but here’s Manny and the (chocolate????) pie … don’t bother listening to man-boy talk, just check out the pie and chime in what you think! IMO Manny deserves no celebration, he is just continuing to repay the A’s for his abominable actions in early July, being that his suspension was WAY too short and his undisclosed fine I’m sure WAY too small … so keep paying us back Manny, we certainly do not own you any thanks!
[mlbvideo id=”34918923″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

Now that you’ve seen that go back and watch the A’s win all over again because it was so beAutiful and it will get man-boy outta your mind. Now, let’s beat those silly Astros again today … cheer hard A’s fans! (you guys out there in Houston were doing a greAt job last night!) 

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