Francoeur gets the call-up from Padres!

Mark Lambienel/El Paso Times
Mark Lambienel/El Paso Times

Ok, I KNOW A’s fan will appreciate this which is why it belongs on my blog …. BACON!!! Yeah! Am I right? I know that there is no way we will play the San Diego Padres this season but our old pal “Frenchy” got called-up today!

Maybe we should have a #BaconDay in his honor? I don’t know!? That would be hella fun and I KNOW we all love Bacon but I also know that for a lot of A’s fans Bacon Day is a lot of work … it would be kinda cool and I am sure we could get word to him and he would greatly appreciate our continued support!

I saw this tweet from Jerry Crasnick and I could not resist reposting it here because well – it’s so true!! No one loves or has more fun playing the game more than our boy Frenchy! What a class act and good guy – I knew ya’ll would like this,

Oh I will save the snide comments, Jerry. Francoeur is the nicest player I have ever seen the way he embraced the A’s fans in right field. The fun Frenchy has provided for A’s fans is talked about on this video. But I will also explain for anyone that doesn’t know. 

The crazy kids out in right field often talk to the other teams right fielders – they have made friends with players besides Francoeur – a big name includes Torii Hunter – Anyways, they started talking to Francoeur about Bacon one day and three annual #BaconDay celebrations came out of it.

 Rob Tringali/Getty Images
Rob Tringali/Getty Images

What started in the right field bleachers took over the stadium by the third annual Bacon Day with the organization putting “bacon facts” and “bacon trivia” up on the big screen and Francoeur came and tailgated with the fans and their many, many different types of bacon containing treats! 

But most of you reading this story already know all that, being that you are A’s fans! So here’s a little more about Frenchy’s call-up but I thought I would share the good news with you!!! 

He’s going to primarily used in the outfield and not as a pitcher even though he did well for the Triple-A El Paso Chihuahuas pitching … also his Triple-A teammates pranked him before he left for the big league club which you can read about it and see the video here.

Good Luck Frenchy – you’re a great guy!! And remember the A’s fans love you and always have your back!


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