Machado thinks everything will be fine in Oakland


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Wow, if I thought this kid was delusional before not I am pretty sure he has completely lost his mind. The players and fans in Oakland did not take him arguing with Josh Donaldson, not caring that he hit Derek Norris not once but twice with his back swing (and smirking about it!!) and the bat throwing incident – either it was meant to hit the third baseman, who he thought was still Donaldson even though Donaldson had been replaced by Alberto Callaspo or it was terrible aim at pitcher Fernando Abad … either way neither the players nor the fans took the incidents lightly.

Not to mention the fact that he got off easy (although he wouldn’t tell you that) with just a fine and a five game suspension. It should have been a lot more! He threw that bat with the intent to harm someone and his story changed so many times that it makes it as clear as if you reading Machado’s thoughts at the time. 

Everyone in Oakland at least is already talking about Friday’s game. The “Right Field Migration” (the RF Bleacher part of the fAnily will be sitting on the third baseline) is underway and the rest of us (luckily I sit on the third baseline already) have been waiting for this day. I actually was not going to write about it … until …. I read Manny Machado’s comments to Eduardo A. Encina of The Baltimore Sun. Then I got a little angry and well here we are …. Machado thinks he is going to get off easy. I’m sure our players will be courteous and polite to the 22-year old cry-baby man-boy but if he thinks the fans have forgotten then he has another think coming! 

The headline reads “As the Orioles Prepare for Oakland, Machado says he has moved on from incident.” See right there they are down playing the magnitude of the MULTIPLE INCIDENTS. Machado acted like a spoiled child the entire series and ruined the weekend for many of our players I’m sure because they expressed their disdain at his behavior … then came his denial, the fake apology and the appealing of his suspension …. you can’t just change your story like that – denial to admittance to denial??!! Come on dude … It’s called MAN THE HELL UP! But he didn’t … and the fans in Oakland are not going to forget it anytime soon. Many, myself included, see him as a bigger enemy to the city and the ball club and the fans than even Matt Garza or Angel Hernandez and that is definitely a statement.

To quote Encina, “Manny says he hasn’t even thought about playing in Oakland” and “Machado said he has moved on from the incident” – easy for him to say when he wasn’t the one threatened or injured and was only suspended for five games. Here is a quote from Machado on Thursday,

“It’s something that is just a part of baseball. Everything happens for a reason … I’m already past it. I’m not going to change my game just because I’m here in Oakland. I’m going to keep playing the same game I’ve played and just hopefully come up with some big wins and keep staying hot.”

Wow! He’s still an arrogant little prick there now isn’t he. He goes on to talk about how he’s just gonna tell the Oakland players “hey what’s up?” and “Good luck.” As I said our players will probably remain cordial because unlike Machado they are professionals. 

Even Buck Showalter is underestimating the Oakland fan base saying

“They yell at Manny in Toronto, Boston, New York, Tampa. It’s part of the process …. I and we have some personal feeling about it and how it all went down … Manny knows the support he is going to get from his teammates and the organization.”

I don’t understand HOW it is even possible that an organization and a manager could back up what Machado did in that series against the A’s. I’m certain that the A’s haven’t forgotten it and neither have their fans ….

Good Luck in Oakland tonight Manny the man-boy … you are gonna need it! 

(If you can’t tell I REALLY FREAKIN’ HATE THIS GUY!!!  Seriously, I think he is the biggest arrogant douchebag in the league … I guess someone had to take over for his “good friend” A-Rod!! lol) Can’t wait for the game tonight! See y’all there! 


 Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports


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