Baseball “is too long and boring” – Anthony Rendon

Wait, what? Seriously, wait … WHAT? Who in their right mind says something that stupid?

Ok, I’ll admit my boyfriend might, ok no, he actually has said those words many, many, many times but those words!! Those ridiculous, awful words came out of the mouth of a professional baseball player. He doesn’t deserve to make money playing such an amazing game!

Granted he is a 24-year old kid but I was a four-year old kid when I went to my first game at the Coliseum in 1985 and I found it anything BUT “long and boring.”



I mean the saying does go like this, “Baseball is a smart person’s sport” – I mean you have to appreciate the nuances. For me each pitch is exciting. Anything can happen at any moment! I think baseball is beyond exciting even on it’s more “boring” days.

When I think of what I have witnessed in the last 29 years I’ve been watching baseball I’ve been extremely luck and am extremely grateful! I’ve seen (not live tho!) my team win a World Series against the team I despise most – that was when I was eight. I was inside getting ready to watch the game during the earthquake while most of my friends were out playing. Since then I have been in attendance as my team not only won 20 games in a row but walked off to win the last three. I witnessed MLB’s 19th Perfect Game! I was at game 162 in 2012 when my team won the division on the last day of the season after a huge comeback down the stretch! I’ve seen some pretty amazing things and baseball is the farthest thing from boring!! I hate missing games, it scares me – I don’t want to miss witnessing history and there is chance to witness history at every single game … almost every day for half the year! It just doesn’t get any better than that. I have one major thing to check off my list of historic baseball moments but I won’t talk about that now!

Now, this kid. This stupid kid, who plays baseball – FOR A LIVING willingly tells the national media, the Washington Post to be exact that he doesn’t watch baseball. He separates his “work life” and his “home life.” However he put it – it is a slap in the face to the fans that almost got him voted into the All-Star Game in the final vote. It’s a slap in the face to fans everywhere.

Most ballplayers LOVE to play the game and that’s a big part of the reason why they do. Well this post is as mean as the other drafts I tried to write but it is still a “F*** YOU! YOU ARE STUPID!!” message to the Washington Nationals’ infielder. Anthony Rendon is the definition of stupidity. He’s three years older than Manny Machado and this pretty much puts them on the same level in my book. WHAT AN IDIOT.

The fans should shun him … he may be a good player and a future star but really? How far will he get if he doesn’t have the LOVE of the game we can see genuinely shine from other players. Most players if they don’t love the game – they at least like it and are smart enough to NOT say it out loud.

Also, he is not THAT good. If you are going to make a statement like that …. at least be hitting .300 kid and have like 20 homers at the half way point … otherwise keep your stupid mouth shut! UGH! I’m seriously annoyed by this … but since I have pontificated for approximately 600 words I think I have wasted enough of my time on this issue! BASEBALL IS FAR FROM BORING! I’ll just leave it at that.

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  • Yeah, fairly stupid comment. A.R. is one of my more favorite guys to watch, too.
    I will say I think ending things like the obligatory glove adjustments during at bats (among other things). It’s stupid and wastes lots of time.

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  • Andy

    You guys are ignorant, leave the man alone. He’s a player, not a spectator and I respect that. You guys sit in your LAZ Boys and keep track of all the stats of your favorite players and judge from the comfort of your home. You’ve never played the game or experienced life on the road as a ball player, so you have NO idea what you’re talking about.

    This isn’t something out of the ordinary for baseball PLAYERS to say/believe. Baseball FANS may take offense to a comment like this, but as a player myself I’ve said the same thing many times over. There’s just something about watching a baseball game that makes it mundane for players to watch on TV, especially when we dedicate ALL of our time to the game, in turn sacrificing our family relationships/time with our kids. I highly doubt someone who works as a garbage man would come home and want to watch specials on TV about garbage pickup, etc. They spend 8-10 hours a day doing their job and want to come home to their families and spend time with loved ones. But for some reason you hold a different standard for a baseball player? If you’ve never played at a high level then you may not be able to understand it. It’s difficult to explain and only fellow ball players would understand what I’m trying to say, but I think many players would agree with me on this. Baseball is the best sport of all time…hell, it’s America’s Past Time, but if we’re not on the field or in the dugout playing a game of our own, then it’s a bit tedious for us to sit down and watch for 9 innings straight (unless the game we’re watching affects our team in some way…for example: we play the winner of the game in the next round of a tourney, or if we need a team to lose to stay a ½ game ahead in our division).

    And in response to Mr. “Wilson Hines”, you don’t know what you’re talking about. What players do at bat is their own ritual, it’s not for show. And no player gives a damn if it’s a “waste of time” for you sitting on your a** watching the game. Stick to keeping score at home geek, and leave the baseball to the players. We’ve got it under control bud.

    • First off Andy – what team do you play for Mr, Professional Baseball Player – and we are NOT ignorant. I can understand where Rendon might have been coming from but the way he was quoted or the way he said it made it appear that he had no love for the game. And there are A LOT of players that DO watch and enjoy baseball or highlights on SportsCenter or MLBNetwork or whatever. We might not have the talent or be the right gender to play the game but we love it no less. Its not as though we would not play if we could. You’re elitest attitude is actually hilarious because unless you can prove that you are a big league or even minor league player then you should keep your mouth shut. There is no need to be rude and no need to call the FANS who support the game and without which you would (which I doubt you even are) not be playing or getting paid to play – the FANS who are according to you “geeks” who “sit on their a**” and watch the games are the ones who help keep the players playing and deserve a little more respect that being called ignorant or stupid or whatever you feel like calling us on any given day. Most players appreciate the fans or at least act like they do. If you in fact are a player which I will say again I completely doubt – i mean maybe you like played on JV in high school – then you are an asshole – actually you are just one in general so please, no need to be such a total DICK! Thank you!

    • PS – PROVE you are some kind of important player … or else you are just a complete douche!

      • First off, I never said Anthony Rendon is stupid, I said the comment was stupid. Second, I’ve lived in the road. I’ve driven 1.8 million miles in my life making sure people like you have food on your table, clothes on your back, and paper with which to wipe your ungrateful ass. Now, retired and in a new business, I think I know what living on the road does to family.
        As far as being a player, loving the game, and so forth, you’ll never convince me the Ripken family, the Jeter’s of the game would ever say such things. Yesterday, I had lunch with a man who inherited WS rings from Clyde King, his whole family even still adores the sport. There’s a photo of Clyde with T. Lasorda he has, have ever heard Lasorda talking about the game in his recorded spill that XM plays before airing each game? It sends chills down my spine.
        I don’t know if you’re a MLB player, but if you are, I’d venture to say your a platoon guy and in a couple years, you’ll be washed up. You have got to be living and breathing this game to make it. There’s nothing wrong with being a utility player, but some of them are utility players because of lack of dedication, not lack of skill. That’s a fact.

  • Ron

    Just show heart like Eric Byrnes sometimes called crash test dummy and causal fan or serious fan will respect you.

    • I am very familiar with Brynesy. Played for the A’s for quite sometime and I agree!

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