Self-Serve Beer at the All-Star Game in 2014?!


Ok, it sounds cool right?At first. Personally I would rather have vendors who bring beer to the seats but I guess most fans are used to that novelty. I only get that every year in Arizona during spring training because it is illegal to sell beer in the stands in California (I know hella lame, right?) So maybe self serve beer is the new way to go. Or maybe not.

It sounds perfect for someone who wants to get completely hammered at a game (personally I got over that by like age 23 because otherwise you don’t end up paying attention to the game you are there to watch) or perfect for someone who just likes to drink half a beer. But I have a feeling that most people are more like me – I have one beer walking in, one right before I get to my seats and one during the seventh inning. It’s cost effective and you while you don’t get drunk using my system you have a nice tasty beer pretty much throughout the entire game. 

Here’s how the new machines, that have already been put into Target field will work – the patron will have to show ID and pay for a $20, $40 or $50 beer card for the game (I can already see this going awry as teenagers may find these left behind somewhere by drunk people) – and the machines will let you pour up to 48 oz of beer every 15 min. Is it just me or does that seem like a lot of beer?! And do they shut the machines down at the seventh inning stretch or do they run the entire game? Could this just be a ploy by the police to be able to issue more DUIs? One does have to wonder!!

The machines feature Budweiser and Bud Light which will cost you 32 cents an ounce as well as Shock Top Lemon Shandy and Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale which will cost you 40 cents per ounce. You can pour as much or as little as you like – and I don’t know this for sure – but I am assuming if you return to the ballpark with money still on your card you should be able to continue using it. I mean otherwise it would be really unfair to the person who has to buy a $20 card but only wants that 1/2 a beer …. whoever that person may be …. I’ve never met anyone like that. LOL!

My other question is how is this helping people? They will still have to wait in line, correct? I’m sure. They will still have to pay. It only helps you control how much you want to drink really because you are starting out with a set amount of money. While it would be cheaper to just buy a single beer than a beer card. I guess it is just a novelty thing.

It also probably is cheaper for the vendor or whoever hires the staff, allowing them to hire fewer people but then that eliminates jobs which isn’t good. What was also not made known was whether or not there would still be regular beer vendors? I’m gonna go with the assumption that there will be for those who still like to have their beer poured for them but you never know.

After writing this – overall the idea of making self-serve beer machines seems pointless. It doesn’t change much and then there is the added expense of making and putting in the machines. It also encourages people to over drink. For example if you had 48 oz of beer every 15 minutes of a say even a short two hour game you’d consume 384 ounces of beer during the game which equals 32 12 oz beers …. that’s kind of a lot! Whoa! 

Is the self-serve beer machine: Good, Bad or Pointless? Vote in my poll here:

Is a self-serve beer machine ….

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