Moving on up (but aspiring to go higher!) … thank you for reading!!

55d92-major-league-baseball-logoIn May I was super surprised that Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk  debuted at number 34 after just a week after I moved my blog over from Blogger to WordPress and made it one of the MLBlogs!  So I was interested to see how I would do actually in a full month. Well I moved up 17 spots to … number 17 for the month of June!! That is hella AmAzing!

Still I would LOVE to see Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk to climb higher on the list! Always aspire for more right? That mentality helped me get my greAt job in a year’s time and I’d like to see my blog have the same type of success! I’ve been writing this blog and about my A’s for a while now and have grown to really love this blog!! 

I am so grateful for all of you who actually read my stuff – especially any non-A’s fans who put up with my A’s centric posts and read my actual baseball news talk …. I just want to say THANK YOU!!! Because there are millions of blogs out there and I appreciate you choosing to read mine!!

That said I am only hoping to keep ascending up the list … so if you see something you like and want more of – LET ME KNOW or pass it on to your friends! If you hate something I am doing then LET ME KNOW … just please constructive criticism is much nicer and more informative than just saying “this sucks” – LOL! I am happy to change and modify things to keep y’all coming back ….  

Thank you again for reading and feel free to express your opinions by leaving comments or emailing me at! xx ~ Jen aka the original Oakland A’s Socks Girl

Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk continues her ascent up the rankings … <—- a shoutout! AmAzing!! 🙂
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*You can find the rest of the list as well as the list of MLB Pro-Blogs &  MiLB Pro-Blogs on Blogs central Latest Leaders – June 2014**


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