“Sports Writer” calls A’s a “team riddled with injuries”?? Is that a joke?



 Ok, so here’s the deal, I came across this article accidentally while researching some trade deadline information and being an A’s fAnAtic and while I wouldn’t say expert, I would say that I know the team pretty well and this chick is so far off, like in my opinion I’d have to wonder if she knew anything about the A’s at all!

I wouldn’t have been adamant about putting it on here if her bio didn’t say that her “concentration was on the Oakland Athletics” .. I included her bio at the end for y’all to see. (Except I will say that I am slightly concerned about Donaldson -being out two days in a row – who she does not mention …. but thats for another time).

Anyway, I will include my counter arguments to her points, in green below each paragraph, that the A’s are “riddle with injuries” … We have had WAAAY more injuries at once in the past!! And look at the Rangers! I would hardly call us “injury riddled” or “run down.” I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS SO IF YOU TAKE A MOMENT AND READ THIS AND AGREE OR DISAGREE PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! I just thought it was a ridiculous way to describe our team! But your comments and constructive criticisms are VERY WELCOMED AND APPRECIATED! Thanks! xx ~ Jen

Here is her article from isportsweb.com called: 

Oakland A’s: A Team Riddled with Injuries 

It is now widely agreed upon that the Oakland A’s are one of – if not the best team in baseball. They have the best record in the MLB, they are first in overall runs scored, and their bullpen has been dominate throughout the first half of the season. However, the players are starting to get worn down. Numerous Athletics have incurred injuries over these past few weeks, which is hurting the bullpen and lineup.

*Do our players seem “run down” to you guys??

Even though most of the pitcher injuries occurred during spring training and in the first month of the season, starter Drew Pomeranz punched a wooden chair after a frustrating outing back in mid-June and fractured his right hand. He was subsequently placed on the 15-day disabled list.

However, July 2nd is day 15 and Pomeranz still cannot wear a glove on his right hand since it has not healed enough yet. There has been talk that the Athletics’ could be looking to trade him, especially since they already replaced Pomeranz with Brad Mills and there is a possibility that they would need to make room for lefty reliever Eric O’Flaherty who is rumored to be brought up to Oakland within the week.

*I agree that this COULD be a possibility but idk. I’d say it’s iffy because Pomeranz has been good and if we were to get another starter we’d do something with Mills or Milone, if we want to win that is!)

Scott Kazmir - 2013

Another pitcher who is injured per say but is not worrisome is Scott Kazmir. Kazmir leads the Oakland A’s bullpen with the lowest ERA at 2.61, but on Monday night he was pulled from the game in the sixth inning when cramping occurred in his calf. Even though Kazmir is expected to make his next start, he is injury prone and many are hoping that his cramping episode does not lead to a more serious injury down the road

*Cramping – this has been explained and the same goes for Cespedes who is oh yeah, in the lineup tonight!!! Hurt? Yeah totally! The cramping could easily be explained by going on a 3 city road trip to FL, NY and  MI – all places that are humid in the summer and humidity as wet as if may feel EVERYWHERE – I’m from Houston, I’d know! – makes you dehydrated!! Kaz is fine!! I may be being optimistic but don’t you think that it’s not a coincidence – the road trip AND  the humidity??

Since the bullpen went through its fair share of in the spring, it is now the lineup’s turn. First off, slugger Yoenis Cespedes left Monday nights game with suspected cramping like Kazmir. However, it is now reported that Cespedes had left hamstring tightness, which cost him his spot in the lineup for Tuesday night’s game against the Detroit Tigers. Cespedes was on a roll before his injury and had a 14-game hitting streak. This 2013 Home Run Derby Champion believes he will be back soon and let’s hope that is true since he had a .324 batting average and .491 slugging for the month of June. His bat is required in the lineup if the Athletics want to succeed offensively.

*Cespedes missed one game? Im not sure about that! How can he have a hit streak?? Well I guess he may have missed one and I forgot – bc I guess it still counts if you sit out a game ..idk?? Anyways so she says let’s all assume the worst – he has a hamstring problem – again, look up at your screen! I see Yo out there don’t you?!

Another injured player whose bat greatly effects the Oakland A’s offense is catcher Derek Norris. Norris – who is usually known for his defensive skills behind the plate – has had a red hot bat this season. However, he has not been in the lineup for four straight games after suffering some back tightness. Since he has had back issues in the past, it probably does not help that he was hit in the back of the head and neck area by numerous batters’ backswings during the month of June. Right now he is day-to-day and could be back in the lineup this week if all goes according to plan. With a .304 AVG and .509 SLG so far this season, Norris’ bat would be greatly appreciated back in the lineup.

*Ok, again – Norris back is achy … I wouldn’t call that an injury! The DL is for when you have an actual injury which brings us to our next point

Outfielder Josh Reddick is currently on the DL with a strained right knee. This was mostly an aggravation of a previously hyperextended knee injury. Reddick’s Gold Glove defense in the outfield is definitely missed, but he probably will not be returning for another two weeks. Luckily, his MRI revealed that he does not need surgery – just a lot of rest – before coming back on the field.

We all already know how I feel about Reddick – that’s injury number one and IMO we are not missing all that much. We have the outfield covered and can win without him … Yo? If he was gone I think it would most certainly be tougher to win! He HITS the ball and can throw guys out … Reddick can’t hit but enough about him. I’ll forget he existed like the last time he was on the DL

Kyle Blanks - 2013

Lastly, there is Kyle Blanks. Blanks went on the 15-day disabled list on June 23rd with a left calf strain. Even though he is a third string first baseman, his absence does take some depth away from the Oakland A’s dugout. It has been reported recently that he is still having trouble when it comes to running however he is fine on the stationary bike and when it comes to catching and throwing the baseball. With the trade deadline fast approaching and Nate Freiman – a first baseman recently brought up from Triple-A Sacramento – producing for the Athletics, there is a chance that Blanks could be traded for a second time this season after being acquired by the A’s in early May.

*This could happen and Blanks is legitimately injured – so that’s two injuries and one only kinda matters because we could use Blanks bat but I’m ok with Freiman at first so again, not a big deal

It will be interesting to see how these injuries will effect trade decisions since there are only four weeks till the trade deadline. Some of the more prominent players like Reddick and Cespedes will definitely stay with the Oakland A’s. But lesser producing players could find themselves in Triple-A or on another team’s roster come July 31st.

*I heard a very vague rumor that Reddick may be a slight possible trade possibility but I HIGHLY doubt it  but still she COULD be wrong. I did read it somewhere but that was probably pure speculation … but wouldn’t it be cool if we got Tulo instead … I love Tulo. 

Sam Riley

BIO: Sam Riley is originally from the east coast and a die-hard New England sports fan. A recent graduate from Santa Clara University, Sam graduated with a B.A. in Communications and a desire to work in sports. Sam is a contributor to ISportsWeb concentrating on the Oakland Athletics.



Ok, I would definitely NOT call the A’s “riddled with injuries” …. my question is am I crazy? (wait we already know the answer to that is yes! lol) but really what I mean is am I being crazy by thinking she is completely off base?? I would LOVE some answers so if you read this PLEASE leave a comment!! Thank you! Have a great day and Let’s Go Oakland!! 🙂



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