Machado’s suspension upheld, but he’s obviously learned nothing

In related news:Machado is either a bad liar or is delusional:

The “Man-Boy” is so insane he needs to be institutionalized or at least demoted to Triple-A

I know I am a little late in getting this out there – but I was working on my Raul Ibanez article for Call to the Pen – (you can find the link in the post below – I’m actually quite proud of it and Ibanez has had a remarkable career that many don’t really know about so if you have a second please take a look at the full article! Thanks!) –  Anyways, here are some comforting and some disturbing facts about the Manny Machado suspension.


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First of all I am grateful that this immature, self-centered man-boy has at the very least been fined and suspended. I think that not only A’s fans but many fans around the league can breathe a quick sigh of relief. If Major League Baseball had reduced what I believe to be an already too light suspension, I swear I might have just about lost it!

But I am still pretty pissed off. The suspension is SUPPOSED to teach Machado that he cannot behave like that on the field and that he cannot put the health and safety of the other professional (at least they act like they are which he doesn’t seem to understand) athletes in jeopardy. The disturbing thing is that Machado HAS NOT learned ANYTHING … take this quote as a prime example,

“When we went in for an appeal, I thought we had a good case; we had a great case,” Machado said Monday afternoon. “We said what we had to say. It didn’t come out how we wanted it to, but going into the appeal you know it’s going to be 50-50. It’s something you can’t control. I think we did the right thing. It’s a flip of the coin, and we came up short. … So now we’re just going to have to deal with the consequences.”

Ok, he’s clearly crazy – I know that general manager Dan Duquette and a union rep went with him to the hearing but it was not their case. There was no “we” who threw the bat or attacked Josh Donaldson or hit Derek Norris twice with his back swing and laughed about it! There was only one person who did those things and that was Machado and Machado alone. 


Greg Flume/Getty Images
Greg Flume/Getty Images

Reason number two that he is a self-absorbed nut job – he thought he HAD a case? How in any way could he have thought that?!?! He denied throwing the bat, saying it “slipped” after that Sunday game on June 8.  Then when Fox Sport’s Ken Rosenthal reported that a suspension was imminent, Machado issued an apology for his actions – thus admitting he DID do it … right?! Or am I off base? THEN as soon as he gets suspended he immediately appeals saying that he “didn’t throw the bat AT anyone” …. I don’t know about you guys but sounds like THREE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORIES TO ME! 

Did he think actual, clear-minded, educated, rational ADULTS doing their jobs were going to buy any of that crap when he had three different stories?? It’s so UNBELIEVABLE I don’t even know what to say (I know I’ve said quite a bit but this whole series of events is so baffling to me! I DO NOT GET IT AT ALL! lol!!)!  He TOLD THE MEDIA that he thought he had a “good case”??? He’s either completely STUPID or just INSANE because no real rational person tells three different stories and still expects to get let off the hook.

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Honestly, he’s been spending too much time with his buddy A-Rod! You knew that right? That A-Rod is like his mentor! Seriously?!?! What an idiot. I have written about this situation so many times that I will include the links below in case anyone wants to see videos or read in-depth about the incidents …. but I will leave it in the past now with one more quote that shows just how ridiculous Manny Machado is – he is a piece of crap stuck on the bottom of my shoe – he’ll be one of those athletes that grows up and kills his wife (yes, the reference is obvious) – because he thinks he is THAT much above everyone else. But he isn’t, he’s no better than you or me – except that he has more money. Money doesn’t make you special, it doesn’t make you untouchable – it may help but eventually people will know and see you for who you are and in Machado’s case – that would be a spoiled, immature brat who can’t and won’t take responsibility for ANYTHING … I hate him about as much as I hate Barry Bonds and that is saying something … so here is that quote I was talking about:

“I didn’t throw the bat at the pitcher. I didn’t harm anybody. And I’m going to get five games,” Machado said. “I didn’t charge the mound. I didn’t get in a fight. … This is an unfortunate event.”

(See complete denial of what everyone KNOWS he did on purpose! Seriously, the nerve of this asshole ….UGH!)

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(none of the above links are as angry or rant-like as this final Machado piece. After this he is no longer on my radar – not even if he does something spectacular on field. His actions are inexcusable and I am DONE with him! LOL! Thanks for making it all the way through my rant! LOL)



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