Mets’ Matt Harvey eyeing 2014 return

I haven’t done this in a while – posted a part of one of my articles on my blog, but it’s one I kinda liked and wanted to make sure I remembered. So here’s a piece on the New York Mets’ pitcher Matt Harvey that I did for Call to the Pen. I like this guy … good work ethic, wants a strong bond with his teammates, started last years All-Star Game for the N.L. and was sidelined by Tommy John surgery last October … he’s eyeing a comeback and I think he deserves one … Best of luck Matt Harvey! Below is an excerpt from my article for CttP.

Photo: Jason Myers
Photo: Jason Myers

New York Mets’ pitcher Matt Harvey, who started the 2013 All-Star Game for the National League, underwent Tommy John surgery in October of last year. Even right after the surgery, Harvey expressed his desire to make it back to the pitching mound for the Mets before the end of the 2014 season.

It seemed an extreme goal given that the recovery for pitchers after having Tommy John surgery is usually 12-18 months. Harvey was so determined to comeback and still feel a part of the team that he argued with the organization that he should be able to rehab at least part time in New York. The Mets prefer that pitchers rehab at their Florida facility. An amicable agreement was reached  between the two parties so that Harvey could do his rehab in New York while the team was at home and in Florida while the team was on road trips.

It seems like a fair deal and it has helped Harvey both mentally and physically….for more on Matt Harvey CLICK HERE!

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