Machado thinks his hearing “went well” (videos)

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“I think it was fair. We both came to the table and said what we had to say and got it done. I think it went well, and we made our case,” Machado said. “It was fairly easy…it went well.”

Seriously, if this hearing actually did go Manny Machado’s way I might have to stop watching baseball all together! Ok, we all know I’m not fooling anyone with that threat because I probably wouldn’t live through boycotting baseball … but this story isn’t about me – it’s about Mr. “I didn’t throw my bat at anyone” Manny Machado.
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I’m outraged to be honest, sure a lot of it stems from my being an A’s fan, but seriously people HE THREW A BAT!! … it is pretty obvious that he meant to hurt someonem out of frustration and immaturity maybe but, with intent! And on the off chance he really didn’t mean to throw it at anyone it could have injured someone. That should be the issue here and that is inexcusable. He should have been suspended for 10 games, I mean what he did could’ve caused more harm than anyone who gets a 50 game suspension for using PEDs …..

…. then he denies doing it, yet apologizes for doing it (thus admitting he did something wrong), then denying it once again by appealing the suspension. Here’s a quote from Machado yesterday post-hearing,

“Overall case. I didn’t throw the bat at anybody. And that’s it. All the other cases that have gotten suspended have been when they go ahead and intentionally throw the bat at the person. So, you know, we’ll just wait. I don’t want to jinx anything. I just want to try and get as least games as possible.”

Um, seriously? You’re first it was “it slipped” – then “I’m sorry,” and now “I threw it but not at anyone”?? Get your story straight man-boy! …. A precedent for throwing a bat was set in 2002 when Trot Nixon was suspended for four games for throwing his bat towards the pitcher. The Orioles think that the suspension should be reduced. I think he got off easy!

I’m appalled that the Orioles think that his suspension should be reduced! When only days after the incident general manager Dan Duquette comtemplated demoting Machado to Triple-A both because of his stats and his behavior! Let’s not forget the incident where he hit A’s catcher Derek Norris in the head with his backswing and smiled:
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When will his childish, wreckless and immature actions be put to a stop?! Don’t rich athletes have to have consequences like the rest of us? At your workplace do you go around throwing baseball bats at people? Yeah, I didn’t think so – you’d be arrested.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter doesn’t care, he just wants him in the line up for Friday’s day/night double header against the Tampa Bay Rays saying,

“Their call completely. I know where it would be most hurtful, so, I don’t know, maybe that’s what they’ll do.”

By “they” the means the committee led by Joe Garagiola Jr., baseball’s senior vice president of standards and on-field operations. A decision will be made by Friday or Saturday at the latest. Personally, I hope they increase his suspension due to his inability to take responsibility for his actions and for basically negating his “apology” by appealing. At the very least let’s hope it stands at five games … Here’s his, in my opinion insincere apology:

[mlbvideo id=”33574701″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

Here is where it all started when Machado was tagged out by Josh Donaldson on the Friday prior to the “bat throw:”
[mlbvideo id=”33486795″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

I left out the part where he threw a temper tantrum during the Saturday game when umpire Angel Hernandez called him out on strikes … but I think you’ve seen enough to have an idea …. Let’s just hope MLB does the right thing and makes Machado an example of what is not allowed on the baseball field!!!

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