Machado debuts salsa line Tuesday, Fights suspension Wednesday?!

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Well we have another interesting move from good old – I mean young – Manny Machado. With the antics he pulled, throwing tantrums against the A’s earlier this month one certainly can’t use the term “old.” Maybe “old” as in I’m tired of hearing about it old … just suspend him already!

So in an unexpected twist Machado launched his own line of salsa yesterday. Um, ok. I guess it’s not unheard of. According to Baltimore Magazine both the Reds’ Joey Votto and Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera have both teamed up with PLB Sports to launch their own lines of athlete-branded foods. But look at those names …. um, much more established players and ones who are not on the verge of suspension. Machado is just a kid with a bad attitude who had a great season and now is playing lackluster baseball. Sorry to anyone who likes Machado (I used to be a fan!) but that is a very, very accurate way to describe him!


PLB Sports
PLB Sports

BUT HE DOES HAVE HIS OWN LINE OF SALSA! (maybe that will be part of his defense at the hearing because everyone knows he’s got nothing else to go on!) I know, right? WTF?! It debuted Tuesday, the day before he is to fight his suspension. Coincidental scheduling? Maybe. Or a convenient way to take the focus off of what he is doing? Who knows. Because really what IS Machado actually doing? 

Well he is hitting .237 with four home runs and 12 RBI, a far cry from his All-Star start last season. So basically he’s doing nothing. Nothing but being a coward and selling crappy salsa (it doesn’t even come in a HOT version because he doesn’t like his salsa too spicy! Lame!). He is a coward for fighting the suspension. Why can’t he be a man, take his punishment and learn something from it? 

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He’s flipped flopped on the issues a ton of times. After the third game and fourth (and worst) outburst of the weekend he denied throwing the bat when he talked to the press. The next day when Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports first reported that a suspension was looming, Machado decides to suddenly issue an apology. Isn’t his apology an admission of guilt or at least of responsibility? Then he’s handed what most of the baseball community found to be a short suspension of only five games, he could have gotten ten, he decides to appeal which in essence is taking back his apology. If he doesn’t feel he should be suspended then he can’t possibly be sorry for what he did! It honestly sickens me. I hope although I do not know if it is possible – for MLB to up his suspension time instead of reduce it.

I find this all to be bizarre! All of it! From his inexcusable behavior (ie hurling his bat at other players, throwing temper tantrums because of being called out, etc) to his crappy stats to him professing his love of salsa …

“I love salsa,” Machado says. “I have salsa in my refrigerator 24/7. My wife does a great job of keeping it there. Growing up, we used to just munch on it. It’s a good time to sit with the family and eat some salsa.”

Oh wait and I found this to be seriously insane – he’s married?! Yeah. Baseball gods bless the woman that has to put up with that mess. I mean seriously? He is 21 years old and acts like a five year old. I really hope he doesn’t have kids yet, but I would bet he does. Poor, poor children – being guided by a man-boy, someone who married a man-boy and man-boy’s buddy A-Rod. All bad, all bad …. 

Whoever – his agent, his parents? The Orioles? A-Rod?- is allowing this to happen is irresponsible, it will only make what he has done appear worse. Now he is even more the spoiled child! He’s saying “no mommy and daddy don’t ground me just give me my allowance (salsa money/salary) instead!” as he stands there pouting.

Even more disturbing is that according to the Baltimore Sun, Orioles general manager Dan Duquette is to accompany him to the hearing and manager Buck Showalter hopes that a decision is not handed down until after Saturday’s day/night double header so that Machado can play. 


I question both their judgements now, Duquette and Showalter – although I don’t know if Duquette’s presence at the hearing is mandatory or not. If not then he condones what Machado is doing. And Showalter – who cares if Machado plays? He can’t hit the ball to save his life at least this season …. ok, maybe I understand that Showalter feels he needs all of his players for a double header. That at least makes some sense of part of this madness! LOL! 

Now that I have officially ranted my butt off this morning … I will stop … but what do you all think of this craziness? Should Machado be suspended? If so, for how long? And what is with the salsa coming out the day before the hearing? I’d love to hear your thoughts but please leave a comment on here … I really couldn’t keep up with my TL yesterday … lol. Have a great day y’all! And check back here for news on Machado’s imminent suspension – if they let him out of it …. well, I won’t react well, let’s just put it that way so I will be on the story either way! xx ~ Jen


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