Why Josh Reddick should stay in Sacramento

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If you wouldn’t mind seeing Josh Reddick in a River Cats uniform for the remainder of the season until the September call-ups join the Athletics raise your hand? Hand Raised I may be the one of the only ones with my hand raised but I will tell you why (although I think there are others out there who are, like me, wising up to the fact that he just is not that good) ….

I’ll say it, I don’t lie and own up to my shortcomings, I gave him a chance and ALMOST admitted that I was wrong when I said in my April article for OutsidePitchMLB.com “Five changes the A’s need to make right now” that he needed to be sent down. I ALMOST bought into the fact that he was turning it around but I maintained that one week of good hitting and a silly walk-up song *(that got annoying after a couple games) wasn’t enough to convince me.

I have not and will (more than likely) NOT change my mind about him. I really don’t care how well he is hitting in four games in Triple-A. In Boston, while the sample number of at-bats is minimal, Reddick hit .248. As an Athletic with a much larger sample of plate appearances, at-bats, games played,however you want to categorize it, Reddick is currently hitting .233.

Only in 2011 did he hit a solid .280 and in 2012 he may have knocked 32 balls out of the yard but he only hit .242. Post 2012 (and anyone who was watching knows this should also count the second half of that season in which he did not hit) Reddick has hit .222 with 16 homers, 78 RBI and 127 strikeouts. 

He used the injury excuse last season but what has he done lately? He said coming into spring training that his wrist was 100% and he made those two catches in the first game in Arizona but that is it. He just strikes out and is a waste of space in the batting order. Yes, Reddick makes the spectacular play or hits a big grand slam – what? once every couple of months?

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That’s not good enough for me! If you ask yourself honestly – who would you rather have in the line up – for example Stephen Vogt or Josh Reddick … shouldn’t be too hard of a decision – I Vote for Vogt!! The same case can be made for a number of players who could get sent down now that Reddick is back.

Yes, he has a spot on the roster for now with the injury to Kyle Blanks and that’s ok as long as his playing time is minial, but what happens when Eric O’Flaherty, for example, finally joins the team? Do you send down Vogt or Blanks or someone else? Who? Who is worth sending down in order to keep Reddick up? I beg you to please leave comment if you can think of anyone!

For those of you who think one Gold-Glove and a couple spectacular catches mean something – think about it this way – have you missed Reddick AT ALL since he has been on the DL? I had happily forgotten about him, seriously. With Cespedes, Coco, Gentry, Moss and Vogt we have had the outfield more than taken care of. Have you REALLY missed his glove that much? I know I haven’t. 

To Summarize: (I kinda wrote these as a start to this post as if I was saying each one to Reddick)

  1. I am not charmed into believing you belong because of your walk up song (yes, it got annoying real quick, let’s face it – it was no Bernie Lean)
  2. I am NOT super impressed because of ONE Gold Glove, that does not make me love you or want you in my lineup!! Win six then we will talk … even then Eric Chavez would disappoint because he was making A LOT of money for being injured A LOT of the time. Was he still winning Gold Gloves and hitting home runs? Yep. So like I said, talk to me when you have six bud, not one.
  3. Yes, you made the “Catch of the Year” IN SPRING TRAINING and done what since? Um….how about play above slightly average defense and not hit? Yup. I’m impressed.
  4. Show me please where your offensive numbers show you belong in the lineup? I’ve checked and I would like to know why you think they are satisfactory?!
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Then, again in my opinion, is the issue of his attitude. I will not be charmed by his pies (Cespy did a great job covering pie duty this past weekend) or his walk up song choices. He thinks he deserves more than what he is making. He asked the A’s for much more than he earned in 2012-2013. Sure he won a Gold-Glove. Yay! But to almost take them to an arbitration hearing? To be arrogant enough to think that he could have won that hearing? In actuality I think he knows that he would have lost which is why he settled.

However if there had been a hearing Reddick would have undoubtedly lost and the A’s be paying him the one point whatever million they offered him in the first place but Reddick got greedy. He has a chip on his shoulder. And cancelling coming to Fan Fest at the last minute because he was mad about the arbitration situation?!! What are you Josh, five years old? And I can counter any one of you who say that “he had a trip planned with his dad” – yeah? well if it was so well planned why didn’t he cancel his Fan Fest appearance earlier than the night before?? I just don’t like the his actions. 

Anyway, that’s why I think Reddick’s playing time should for now be limited – maybe bring him in in the late innings as a defensive replacement but that is all – and why I believe he needs to be in a River Cats uniform for the remainder of the season and possibly beyond. The A’s are a stronger team without him and if other players get sent down in favor of Reddick in the coming weeks then the A’s will be making a big mistake in the midst of a VERY promising season.

  • Well a couple things here. The A’s are committed to defense and Reddick is a gold glove caliber right fielder. In the small sample size we’ve seen Vogt this year I’m impressed, but I think we’re seeing a player getting hot at the right time. I don’t think he can sustain this production all year. But I hope he sticks around with the team. Gentry makes more sense to push Reddick’s playing time in a starter role. Bullpen wise making room for O’Flaherty I’m wondering when the team will finally give up on Johnson. I know he pitched well last Sunday but is anyone confident putting him in with the lead even in a hold situation?

    • I think Vogt will keep it up no problem … remember how good he was at the end of last season, spring training and then in Sac and now? Reddick has a single GG and yes he can make some great catches but it is not IMO worth putting him in the lineup! I don’t know if they can send Johnson down, I read something about that today but I don’t remember exactly what or where …. I’m ok with Reddick on the roster but NOT ok with him starting like he is today … he already missed a ball in right? It was a hard catch to make but I saw no spiderman! Just sayin’ LOL! Thank for commenting on my blog! I wish more people would instead of just blowing up my TL. I even told people, I don’t have time for twitter today! I just looked and have like 50 notifications! It’s like HELLO?! LOL! SMH! Tell Laura I said hi!! 🙂

  • Lou Elvira

    Great article Jen. I felt the same way back when we had Sam Fuld. I have always touted Josh’s defense, but his bat has been sadly lacking for the last season and a half. Send Reddick down and keep Vogt up. He has proven himself this season and last season. Also, I Think Melvin is onto something with the 3 catcher line up. Anyway, I have my hand raised with you. Send josh down til he gets a better bat and attitude.

    • Thanks for reading (and agreeing with my assessment although that is not necessary!)! I just appreciate people taking time to read my stuff! I can’t help but agree with you on the three catcher line up … if we don’t send Reddick down my thought is to at least keep him out of the starting lineup!! We (well minus today although I honestly think I jinxed this game in April I said “Well if we have to lose at least one game this season better to Bartolo than anyone else” .. shit I didn’t think it would come true. But I love him so I said it and you saw the game today) – my point in all my rambling is this: what is working is working and that didn’t include Reddick so don’t rock the vote. I honestly find his bat to be a bit toxic. Not trying to be a hater just telling it like I see it. Again thanks for reading!!! 🙂

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