Another inside the park home run for Rockies? Plus, more ITPHR fun facts!

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So far this month the Colorado Rockies have had two inside the park home runs, Sunday they had the chance for a third (maybe) in the midst of a ninth inning rally. Unfortunately for the slumping Rockies, who are in the midst of a six-game slide, it was not to be.

 Corey Dickerson led off the 9th inning, of a 6-4 game in favor of the Milwaukee Brewers, by sliding into third with a triple off of Francisco Rodriquez. As he saw the ball slip past Brewer’s third baseman Aramis Ramirez, he could hear home plate calling his name.

Dickerson tried his best to get up and run home but his legs just wouldn’t carry him there. He stumbled then fell face first into the base path, leading to him getting tagged out by Brewer’s catcher Jonathan Lucroy. It was an out that proved costly for the Rockies.

The next batter, Wilin Rosario, homered making the score 6-5 but Rodriquez was able to shut down Ryan Wheeler and Charlie Culberson with strikeouts. It was not a great moment for the Rockies who haven’t won since sweeping the NL West leading San Francisco Giants a week before. Oddly enough Brandon Barnes’ second inside the park home run of the month played a role in one of those wins.

After the game Dickerson told reporters that he had made the right decision in trying for home,

“My legs completely gave out. I couldn’t feel them, and I fell down. I was caught after that. Any other time, I would have done the same thing, hustled the same way. It was an easy run.”

If Dickerson had scored the run of course would have counted but it would have been unlikely that it would have been ruled and actual inside the park home run as the throw by Brewer’s center fielder Carlos Gomez appeared to have been an error in which case the play would have been ruled a triple and advancing on an error. Either way it would have only helped the Rockies secure a trip into extra innings if Dickerson could have touched home – or just stayed at third.

 More random Inside the Park Home Run Facts:

  • Inside the park homers were common in early baseball when ballparks were less uniform around the league, today they can be quite rare.
  • One has not occurred in a world series game since 1929.
  • Roger Bresnahan is the only player to hit two inside the park home runs in a single game in both leagues.
  • The last player to hit two inside the park home runs in a single game was the Minnesota Twin’s Greg Gagne on Oct. 4, 1986.
  • In the National League? Hank Thompson of the New York Giants on August 16, 1950.

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