Confronting giants “fans” earthquake excuses

**Disclaimer** *I will say that I do know there are about 5% of TRUE giants fans out there – this is not directed at you!!*


A letter to the 1989 Giants fans and to all gnats “fans” everywhere –

Closing in on the 25th  anniversary there has been more and more talk about 1989 World Series, game three and the earthquake. Talk to a giants fan and you will hear excuse, after excuse, after excuse (addressed here in no particular order).

That’s what San Francisco fans do though – whine, use excuses and arguments that don’t count – like “well we won in ’10 and ’12” – you think I care? The Oakland A’s have 4 trophies to the SF giants’ two and they have 9 as a franchise where the giants have what? 6? Oops I meant seven, five of which were in New York … well the A’s had five on the east coast too! Just face facts … the giants are inferior to the A’s.

Courtesy of 95.7 The Game

Anyway, back to the topic of game 3 and the earthquake and excuses!

Excuse 1: What? Because they didn’t get to play at Candlestick? So what! There was support for them in Oakland?

(damn split caps –  Did you know that in the “unwritten rules of baseball which my mom and I are researching for our first post together for Relative Replays: Behind the Bullpen Chatter and in one the the books it says, “Rule 5.1.0. In Areas That Have Two Baseball Teams, Any Given Fan Can Only Really Root For One of Them” … there done. There is NO such thing as a “Bay Area Fan” … I love it!! Validation for something I have been adamant about since the age of eight!)

Excuse 2: Huh? What’s that now? We got to start Dave Stewart and Mike Moore twice? So! Our 1-2 were better than yours? Suck it! And regardless – Bob Welch and Storm Davis would have annihilated the gnats …. give it up! Do you even know who Rick Reuschel, Don Robinson  or Scott Garrelts are? Yeah, didn’t think so. Most of today’s giants fans who use these excuses today can’t name a player  (and no Barry Zito does NOT count) prior to 2010!! It’s really sad actually.




The original poster from 1989, still framed and on my wall! Go A's!
The original poster from 1989, still framed and on my wall! Go A’s!

Excuse 3: Wait, stop right there! There’s more? There can’t be?!! (I’m already more sick of this whiny stuff than I am of the whiniest of all – Mike Scioscia! lol!!) The giants MUST have lost precious momentum? I don’t think so … the A’s had already won the first two games in the series – if anything the earthquake was harder on the Athletics than the gnats! Nope, you don’t have an argument there! 

Excuse 4: This one I don’t get very often but ever once in a while someone, somewhere will bring up PEDs!! Yeah, maybe, sure, but whatever. But Giants players used them and y’all have defended/worshipped Barry Bonds for so long (I know he didn’t come to the gnats until the 1993 season – still that gives you 21 years of denial right there.) AND the organization is letting him coach in spring training?! What a shame! He should be banned from baseball for life if not for just steroids but for being a pompous ass! But that’s borderline too much ranting for this lil’ old blog …. 

So I guess I am done! Please chime in and leave a comment if you want to add any other lovely excuses the giants “fans” always use …. there are plenty more! I KNOW Dodgers and A’s fans all have them told to them ad nauseam!) They just never stop now do they? LOL!

On that note! Have a great day y’all! 😉

xx ~ Jen

  • I consider myself a 5%, thank you for annotating that. I think you need to find legit Giants fans to talk to so you don’t have to put up with some of the BS you hear 🙂

    Excuse 1: each field is different, it does make a difference.
    Excuse 2: You forget Mike LaCoss. And I think you need to find legit Giants fans to talk to
    Excuse 3: where are you finding Giants fans that said we had momentum? I think you need to find legit Giants fans to talk to
    Excuse 4: PEDs in the 80s were not rampant, almost exclusive to LaRussa teams. By the 2000s you had a reversal in exclusivity (Bonds, Yankees, Red Sox, everyone was doing them). So it is not the same thing to compare Canseco to Bonds.

    • I agree with your points except that you can’t compare Canseco to Bonds!! Bonds was WAAAY worse!! He’s a big fat effing liar! Also he “broke” some very important records that way, So did McGwire. But to not be able to compare Canseco to Bonds? That’s crazy! They were both PED users! Period.

  • Just because a handful of Giants fans feel this way doesn’t mean only 5% of them are “true” fans. The fans you’ve interact with are probably only 1-5% of all Giants fans. I might be wrong about that. Anyways, the whole piece is about bashing Giants fans and all you’re doing is generalizing. I don’t see the point. Like the A’s fans haven’t whined about a game or series before. Please.

    For the record, I don’t hate the A’s. I don’t even dislike them, but some fans just turn me off. I’m going to generalize just like you for a second: Retweet after retweet making fun of Posey’s injury during the stupid face of MLB contest and constantly acting like children on social media is just an example of great “fans.” Was that a good generalization?

    • We are WAY like 1000000000 times better fans than 95% of gnats “fans” and Poser is a little baby who deserves what he earns … I don’t think we did anything wrong, just beat y’all yet again. Still can’t get over it? Oh typical of a gnats fan. AND YOU SHOULD HATE THE A’s! If there are two teams in one area it is impossible to be a fan of both!

      • Wow, what a pathetic thing to say about Posey. FYI, I don’t give a shit about the 89′ Series as I wasn’t even born yet. I saw we lost, that sucks, but I really don’t care. Sad. Just sad.

        • You weren’t even born yet and you are proud of that? All you know is you lost? That’s pathetic. Study some baseball history if you are actually even a real fan. I could tell you all about the A’s World Series wins in the 1910’s and the 1929-1931 A’s who are considered to be as good as the 1927 Yankees with Murders Row (you probably don’t even know what that is! Can you even name a giants player prior to 2005? I doubt it)! Dont talk shit when you don’t know shit. Let’s just put it that way. And Poser is lame, he’s a baby and people baby him! It’s true. I’m sorry you are not knowledgeable enough about the game to understand that. I feel bad for you poor little thing!

  • Btw, the A’s re-signed Bartolo Colon after he cheated, so yeah just bring up Barry Bonds coaching for 5 days in Arizona after about seven years of shunning him. Some of this is extremely hypocritical. I like your other articles though.

    • Thanks re my other articles! I do have to write controversial, how I feel pieces on my blog because I can’t do that at work! But Bartolo’s use was different than Bonds and he didn’t have a great season in 2012. In 2013 he was clean (was second in the AL in ERA and in Wins) and he had admitted his use of testosterone in 2012 and publicly apologize for it. I’m still waiting for Bonds to admit it and apologize. That’ll never happen, we all know that. And the gnats never really shunned Bonds – maybe the organization and real fans but not the “fans” that I am referring to in the post.

      • Both cheated. They’re cheaters. Also, I meant Giants as in organization when they shunned him for 7 years.

        Barry without roids is 5x the player Bartolo was.

        From the past few posts and articles you might just be a blind, dogmatic fan who thinks their team is superior to other organizations around baseball. I might be wrong.

        Also, why do I have to hate the A’s because they’re in the same area? That is some great logic there.

        • Why hate the A’s?? I am researching a piece about the “unwritten rules of baseball” in light of recent events and one book I read The Unwritten Rules of Baseball by Paul Dickenson says “5.1.0. In Areas That Have Two Baseball Teams, Any Given Fan Can Only Really Root For One of Them” and that’s one unwritten rule I think should stick! So you should hate on the A’s if you are a true gnats fan.

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  • Mature.

    • Obviously you are not. Now I am done even trying to talk to someone as immature as you. Goodbye and good luck with whatever the hell it is you actually do.

      • How am I immature? Good luck to you as well.

        • Last response: Because you know nothing and care about nothing historical or real about the game of baseball. You don’tr care about a WS or to learn about your teams history because you were not alive? I am not saying that everyone needs to be a baseball historian, not at all but don’t go talking about ANYTHING that you have no clue about. That’s just ignorant and immature. Now if you would PLEASE (as I have asked before) stop posting on my blog with your meaningless comments! Thanks and have a lovely evening.

  • I still don’t see how I’m the immature one. I do know about the 89′ world series, but I’m not obsessed by it. This is all on twitter and people are laughing at you. Thank you.

    • Um, on your gravatar you tell people “feel free to tell me your opinion” well guess what I did and you were intolerant! You’re a hypocrite who won’t leave me alone and yes, you did threaten me as well as take something between two ppl and make it public to TRY to “humiliate” me. Guess what? You and Nick? Who I don’t even know! Do I really care? Not so much. I am just kindly asking you to get a life and stay OUT of mine! Thanks.

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