Confronting giants “fans” earthquake excuses

**Disclaimer** *I will say that I do know there are about 5% of TRUE giants fans out there – this is not directed at you!!*


A letter to the 1989 Giants fans and to all gnats “fans” everywhere –

Closing in on the 25th  anniversary there has been more and more talk about 1989 World Series, game three and the earthquake. Talk to a giants fan and you will hear excuse, after excuse, after excuse (addressed here in no particular order).

That’s what San Francisco fans do though – whine, use excuses and arguments that don’t count – like “well we won in ’10 and ’12” – you think I care? The Oakland A’s have 4 trophies to the SF giants’ two and they have 9 as a franchise where the giants have what? 6? Oops I meant seven, five of which were in New York … well the A’s had five on the east coast too! Just face facts … the giants are inferior to the A’s.

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Anyway, back to the topic of game 3 and the earthquake and excuses!

Excuse 1: What? Because they didn’t get to play at Candlestick? So what! There was support for them in Oakland?

(damn split caps –  Did you know that in the “unwritten rules of baseball which my mom and I are researching for our first post together for Relative Replays: Behind the Bullpen Chatter and in one the the books it says, “Rule 5.1.0. In Areas That Have Two Baseball Teams, Any Given Fan Can Only Really Root For One of Them” … there done. There is NO such thing as a “Bay Area Fan” … I love it!! Validation for something I have been adamant about since the age of eight!)

Excuse 2: Huh? What’s that now? We got to start Dave Stewart and Mike Moore twice? So! Our 1-2 were better than yours? Suck it! And regardless – Bob Welch and Storm Davis would have annihilated the gnats …. give it up! Do you even know who Rick Reuschel, Don Robinson  or Scott Garrelts are? Yeah, didn’t think so. Most of today’s giants fans who use these excuses today can’t name a player  (and no Barry Zito does NOT count) prior to 2010!! It’s really sad actually.




The original poster from 1989, still framed and on my wall! Go A's!
The original poster from 1989, still framed and on my wall! Go A’s!

Excuse 3: Wait, stop right there! There’s more? There can’t be?!! (I’m already more sick of this whiny stuff than I am of the whiniest of all – Mike Scioscia! lol!!) The giants MUST have lost precious momentum? I don’t think so … the A’s had already won the first two games in the series – if anything the earthquake was harder on the Athletics than the gnats! Nope, you don’t have an argument there! 

Excuse 4: This one I don’t get very often but ever once in a while someone, somewhere will bring up PEDs!! Yeah, maybe, sure, but whatever. But Giants players used them and y’all have defended/worshipped Barry Bonds for so long (I know he didn’t come to the gnats until the 1993 season – still that gives you 21 years of denial right there.) AND the organization is letting him coach in spring training?! What a shame! He should be banned from baseball for life if not for just steroids but for being a pompous ass! But that’s borderline too much ranting for this lil’ old blog …. 

So I guess I am done! Please chime in and leave a comment if you want to add any other lovely excuses the giants “fans” always use …. there are plenty more! I KNOW Dodgers and A’s fans all have them told to them ad nauseam!) They just never stop now do they? LOL!

On that note! Have a great day y’all! 😉

xx ~ Jen

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