**In my previous post I made a mistake. It has been corrected via a disclaimer at the beginning of the article and admit my research was done much to quickly, this mistake will not be made again – I can’t promise that there will not be other mistakes, as no one is perfect. But I will not write with such haste, it was irresponsible of me and  I apologize. I’m sorry and thank you for reading and I hope you will continue to read my blog**


*Here is my correction regarding the post on Max Scherzer’s first complete game (6/13/14) *

*I regret to say that I neglected to double check – well I did double check but the ESPN site said Tony Armas when listing pitchers, NOT Tony Armas Jr.  – so I looked up Tony Armas (as I did mention this was before my time so I do not remember that all I knew was that I had heard the name before) – where I made the mistake was not triple checking his playing position.

Regrettably, I was careless in that respect and I apologize to all of you who read this post. Tony Armas Jr. who played with the Montreal Expos, Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Mets – he never recorded a complete game in his career. The rest of the article should be factually accurate. I apologize for the shoddiness of my research. And I hope you will not hold it against me.

Once in the past I did make a few mistakes for the same reason. I was not giving my post my full attention. I corrected those mistakes but what I realize now is that I should have issued a correction as I have today. Once again I apologize and will make sure to over check all facts in the future. I hope you will still be back. I am knowledgeable about the sport however, I don’t pretend to know every player nor every statistic. I do take full responsibility for my error. I made a mistake and it has now, I hope, been corrected in the only way I knew how. Thanks again for reading**

xx ~ Jen


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