Scherzer has a Cy Young but not a complete game? Isn’t that odd?**

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**I regret to say that I made a mistake. You can find the full correction by clicking the link to the post HERE. I neglected to double check – well I did double check but the ESPN site said Tony Armas when listing pitchers, NOT Tony Armas Jr.  – so I looked up Tony Armas (as I did mention this was before my time so I do not remember that all I knew was that I had heard the name before) – where I made the mistake was not triple checking his playing position. Regrettably, I was careless in that respect and I apologize to all of you who read this post. Tony Armas Jr. who played with the Montreal Expos, Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Mets – he never recorded a complete game in his career. The rest of the article should be factually accurate. I apologize for the shoddiness of my research. And I hope you will not hold it against me.**

Yes, Max Scherzer has some odd … No I am not talking about his eyes, I love that he has 2 different colored eyes. That is pretty bad ass! … I was going to say – STATISTICS!! Until Thursday’s game between the Tigers and White Sox, Max Scherzer had a Cy Young Award but had never completed a game from start to finish.

 that a 29-year old Cy Young Award winner had never thrown a complete game until Thursday as in yesterday is certainly odd! Right? A complete game shutout? MAYBE I could buy that he hadn’t done that yet … and that’s a big maybe, even still, that STILL strikes me as odd. I grew up watching pitchers throw complete games all the time. From the 80’s A’s and even into my 20’s Mark Mulder definitely pitched the quickest complete games I had ever seen. In the ballpark and out of the ballpark in less than two hours easy. Along with Tim Hudson and Barry Zito there were complete games left and right.

That is why this feels bizarre to even write but the reigning Cy Young Award winner, Detroit Tiger’s right-hander Max Scherzer, threw his first complete game in 179 career starts and it was a shutout.

He broke the steak of being the longest active pitcher not to have thrown one. Apparently his 178 starts prior to Thursday’s start, are the longest streak for a starter to go without a complete game in the baseball’s modern era (which for anyone wondering is usually considered 1900-present). I guess if it takes that long it should at least be a shutout, if not a no-hitter or a perfect game. Now I am just being a little mean. That would be asking for a bit too much to fall into place. What I should be saying is congratulations are in order for Mr. Max Scherzer on his first complete game shutout!

Scherzer had pitched a full nine innings before, once, but the Tigers ended up dropping that game 2-1 in a 10-inning loss to the Minnesota Twins.

The next longest streak for a pitcher to go without completing a full game was Tony Armas. I was too young to remember him playing for the A’s but he never, not once, completed an entire game. That seems especially crazy for back in the 70’s-80’s! At least in today’s day and age a streak like Scherzer’s makes a little more sense being that so much emphasis is put on pitch counts.

Even manager Tiger’s manager Brad Ausmus was shocked at this startling discovery that, I guess, we had all overlooked – it’s a basic assumption right?

“I was surprised when I found out that he had no complete games,” Ausmus said. “But he wanted this one for sure. He was on his game tonight. He has a Cy Young for reason.”

Well now he can say what no pitcher can say that he got won a Cy Young without ever finishing a game …. so weird. See? I knew Bartolo Colon should have won the Cy Young last season.


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