Five Reasons the A’s really are THAT good


The A's celebrate with the "home run tunnel." Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
The A’s celebrate with the “home run tunnel.” Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In a world where even the most dedicated baseball fan can probably only name three players on the Oakland Athletics and a casual baseball might tell you that all they know is that the team had something to do with Brad Pitt, it’s no wonder that not everyone believes that the A’s are for real, that they are really THAT good.

Lately, they have been getting some national recognition. Some of it was unfortunate, having to do with Baltimore Orioles’ third baseman Manny Machado‘s out of control behavior during the Orioles series with the A’s last weekend. Yet, much of it has been positive. The team’s unbelievable run differential (now at a staggering plus-130), their closer’s insane 44:1 strikeout to walk ratio and the powerfully accurate arm of their left fielder have been garnering acclaim amongst baseball analysts, sports writers and fans alike.

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