How much would you pay to see your MLB dream game: past, present, future?


So, one of my staff writers Sam Clancy (@SamClancy1) happen to hear that a fan had posted on tickets to the Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers Stanley Cup game six and get this – he posted them for not even $100,000 but ok, now you must be thinking that guy must be nuts right? Yup. You guessed it! He posted the tickets on the fan-to-fan ticket sharing website for $1 million!!! Yeah that’s insane right?

Or is it? Think about it? What baseball epic baseball game would you have (saying you had it or would kill to somehow find the money) or what future game would you pay $1 million to be able to see or have been to? I liked this article idea so much I absolutely HAD to write my own list … And then I would love to hear yours so please leave a comment!! Here’s the list Sam put together (and it is a good one people!) …. then below you will find mine!

The rules are pretty easy – it can be a game you have been to but would pay to see again, a historical game you would have killed to be at or a theoretical future game (I mean the Cubs will win the Worlds Series SOMEDAY right? Well something like that) that you would pay $1 million to see or have seen live! That’s it so basically there’s no holds barred at all! Here we go! Here is my list: (number 5 I stole from Sam and sure the rest are A’s centric because I am an A’s fan! Let’s Go Oakland!! Woohoo!)

5. Game 7 of a Cubs World Series – Ok, I really do hope I am alive when this happens whether I were there or not, but the Cubbies have not won a World Series since 1908. They were back to back Champions in 1907 and 1908 and they last won the National League pennant in 1945 so to see them win one would be over a century in the making – and more because we know pretty much it won’t be this year. To see them either win or lose would be so EPIC! I’d prefer to see them win. Chicago is probably my favorite city in the World and Wrigleyville, Rush Street – everywhere! (maybe even some of the southside would be insanely off the hook with everyone in a state of unimaginable bliss and celebration) Definitely a historic baseball moment that I would NOT wanna miss for a second.

4. Dallas Braden’s perfect game on May 9, 2010 – Alright this is one of the games I was actually in attendance for but I paid much less than $1 million dollars for. But having been at a perfect game I know all the crazy feelings of terror and joy that come with it – for everyone! Watching a perfect game is a thing of beauty but during the game it’s like you can’t breathe – for every single pitch past the 6th inning. Braden was perfect until batter number 27 – Braden took Gabe Kapler through what felt like the longest at-bat in the history of baseball. Finally it was a full count and Kaplar was still fouling off pitches. I honestly had my head down and was rocking back and forth in my seat. When I finally heard Kapler make solid enough contact to know that the ball was in play, plus people were gasping … I looked up and the ball was headed to shortstop Cliff Pennington who threw to first for the out. It was truly beautiful to see!

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To make it even better it was Mother’s Day. He lost his mother to cancer when he was young and was raised by his grandmother, who was in attendance. He also grew up locally in Stockton as an A’s fan. That was like the cherry on top of the Sunday – a lifelong A’s fan throws a perfect game on Mother’s Day. It’s one of my favorite moments of my entire life. Being able to have been there to see that would be worth paying $1 million dollars to be there again!

3. Game 20 of the the 2002 AmAzin’ A’s 20 game win streak: This game is a tie (actually I think it might just win) for me with Braden’s perfect game for greatest moments of my baseball life! And this is for anyone who thought the movie “Moneyball” was a work of fiction. I can assure you it was not because I was there.

The A’s had already had two close calls both of which I had been there to see – Miguel Tejada had been the hero in both games 18 and 19 – winning the former for the A’s with a walk-off home run and the latter with a walk-off double so we had had two close calls in the A’s quest to break the American League record for consecutive wins at 20 games. They had just tied the 1906 Chicago White Sox and the 1947 New York Yankees at with the AL’s most consecutive games without a tie at 19. Any longer streaks in MLB history included a tie which doesn’t count in my book so there ya go. The only longer streak not including a tie was the 1935 Chicago Cubs who won 21 in the National League NOT including a tie but that’s the NL.

Anyway, it was a dream game gone wrong with the A’s up 11-0 in the second inning when the Royals slowly started coming back. The fans, the players, everyone thought – here we go – game 20 no problem! But the Royals slowly started coming back bringing us to an 11-11 tie in the bottom of the 9th inning. Eric Byrnes was in the on deck circle when manager Art Howe decided to pinch hit Scott Hatteberg. I remember thinking WHAT? It certainly paid off when Hatteberg came in and hit a walk-off home run to win game 20 and write the 2002 Oakland A’s into the history books! It’s such a rare feat that it may never happen again. To have been at games 18-20, especially game 20 is something I would pay ANYTHING to see again!

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2. Any World Series game in which the A’s eliminate their opponents and become World Champions – I just want to go to a World Series game where the A’s are playing and win – it would be especially sweet if it was an elimination game IN Oakland because then I can without a doubt tell you that I would absolutely be there barring some crazy illness or injury and even then I would be there. I see those World Series tickets every time the season tickets arrive and think – “what if?” This year could be the year but I don’t know. You never know what is going to happen in a season or the post season. Part of the beauty of the game is that anything can happen. No one thought the A’s winning game 20 would be so historic and unbelievable but it was. So if the A’s do make and win the world series –  if I did not already have season tickets – it would be a game I would ABSOLUTELY without a doubt somehow find $1 million dollars to be at!!!

1. Game 4 of the 1989 World Series – The most wonderful memory of my entire childhood is when my team, the Oakland Athletics of course, swept the San Francisco Giants (the team I HATE most in this world) in the World Series. Besides the earthquake it wasn’t the most interesting or crazy World Series but to have been there – instead of at home in my living room (I was 8 years old) – and to see my all-time favorite baseball player, Dennis Eckersley make the final out at first to beat the gnats …. that is the dream – that right there – to be able to go back in time or to possibly see be there to see it live would be absolutely the most priceless thing I can imagine. So if time-travel is ever invented …. look out bc I will be doing EVERYTHING I possibly can to get the money to go back and see that moment live!! LOL! but seriously …. How awesome is this …????

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