Remembering Bob Welch, a fan perspective #RIP35

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My mom and I with Bob Welch in 2013. Photo via :Carrie Olejnik
My mom and I with Bob Welch in 2013. Photo via :Carrie Olejnik

Remembering Bob Welch. That is all to easy for me. I liked Dave Stewart, Mike Moore, Storm Davis, Curt Young but Welch always stood out to me. Maybe it was because he came over from the Dodgers in ’88 -then we all know how the 1988 World Series went. No need to drudge that up but remember thinking that that must have sucked for him.

But then – well I wasn’t stoked he didn’t start a WS game – but he still got the ring I thought he deserved and in 1990 he basically just rocked the shit outta every other pitcher! Today we are praising a 21 game season but 27 games? That’s unbelievable at least now a days. The Eck was and will always be my all time favorite baseball player but I’ve never met the Eck (if you ever know of an opportunity when I can – I am hoping maybe the 25th reunion?? – meet him lemme know!!) but I did have the privilege of  getting to know Bob a little bit.

First met him at spring training in 2013. It was the first year I made the effort to always wear socks and he liked them (so did Billy Beane just to brag a minute there). We struck up a conversation and he asked me about writing and baseball and we got a few stories from 88-90 which was amazing! He took a liking to my mom and I and on the last day when we were flying out after the game and he knew we were – the game was running long and he kept coming out and making sure we weren’t going to be late. It was so sweet because that is SO my dad! Always worrying when it comes to things like being on time – especially at the airport . We waited till the last possible minute that we would be able to still make our flight to see the end of the game but he worried and that was adorable.

He was funny with a great personality and one of the players I grew up really loving so to meet him and for him to be way more awesome than I used to imagine when I was 10 years old. He was a good person and they are hard to find these days and he was an excellent pitcher! Here’s a video of 21 year old Bob Welch coming in and striking out Reggie Jackson in game two of the 1978 World Series.

 [mlbvideo id=”31120059″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

Only 21, with the poise to strike out Reggie Jackson is a rare thing. In 1990 he won the Cy Young Award winning 27 games. No one has won even 25 game in a single season since. Pretty AmAzing! 

Bob Welch was a sincere, genuinely good person. With all the jerks out there today I am so crushed to have gotten the news of his passing. Baseball needs more guys like him. Bob, you will be missed very much! Thank you for being a friend and one of my favorite players when I was growing up!

R.I.P. Bob, you will be missed but never forgotten!


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