Update: Machado gets five game suspension, will appeal

June 10, 2014

10:40 am: Update: Machado gets five games plus a fine, Abad gets only a fine for roles in benches clearing brawl between the O’s and A’s

Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports reports that Baltimore Orioles’ third baseman Manny Machado will get a five game suspension and a fine for his actions over the weekend towards the Oakland Athletics. Oakland reliever Fernando Abad, who may or may not have thrown at Machado’s ankles during an at-bat, will just receive a fine. According to Roch Kubatko of MASNsports.com the Orioles are not going to be happy that Abad did not receive a suspension.

I ask you why should he? He threw inside to Machado around the ankles and catcher Stephen Vogt caught the pitch before Machado decided to either poorly throw his bat at Abad or accurately throw it to where he could have thought Josh Donaldson was playing third. In actuality Donaldson had been replaced by Alberto Callaspo so he would have been trying to throw at the wrong guy. Machado and Donaldson had an altercation during the series between the ball clubs but it was instigated by Machado!

Another thing about Machado appealing the suspension?!?! That is unbelievable. Take your punishment like a man. You are a PROFESSIONAL and you did not behave like one. Man up bro! But he wouldn’t know how to man up would he? He’s a child in a 21-year old’s body!

After Sunday’s game Machado talked to the press and still denied having thrown his bat. Then Monday, after the news of the impending suspension was made public, Machado issued an apology that only sounded about half sincere (see video below!). 

Here’s what I would say if I could write or speak to Machado – 

Here’s the thing Manny – ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS – appealing the suspension is the WRONG way to go bro. You are denying what you apologized for yesterday – that you also denied the day before? Keep your stories straight. Your action of appealing the suspension, when you should have gotten ten games and got a lenient five games, shows that you feel no remorse for throwing a weekend-long temper tantrum that could have gotten others in your profession injured. That is despicable – more despicable? Appealing like you take no responsibility for anything?? I hope Dan Duquette exercises his option and sends you back to the minors where you can learn a little bit of humility and compassion. You are a professional athlete. What kind of example are you setting? Take your suspension like a real man and accept responsibility for your actions.

June 9, 2014

4:45 pm: Video of Machado’s apology posted on MLB.com & the A’s reactions:

Sincere or No? I’m leaning towards – he’s just saying what people have told him to say. Although I will give him one thing but it doesn’t mean much in light of his actions …. but he did not blame it on his knee … which kinda surprised me. Either way doesn’t seem all that heart felt – I’m still calling for suspension! He can’t act like a big baby just because he is “frustrated.” SMH.
[mlbvideo id=”33574701″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

Some of the A’s reactions as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Susan Slusser:

3:40 pm: Machado issues apology for his behavior vs. A’s

According to MLB.com Manny Machado has issued an apology for his behavior in the Orioles’ series against Oakland. He issued his apology via the team owned MASN Network but did not speak with any other members of the media.

 Hopefully this is not simply to avoid suspension which I still believe he deserves. I am hopeful, however not convinced, that the 21-year old has learned something. Still he needs to be suspended for his actions, apology or not.

Here is what Machado told MASN Network according to MLB.com,

“I want to apologize to all my teammates, my coaching staff, the entire Orioles organization, and Oakland and to my fans for the way I acted. That’s not the way we play baseball around here. It was a frustrating weekend.”

He also singled out A’s catcher Derek Norris for a personal apology saying that he felt that given the circumstances he thought that the A’s would take any words of apology for hitting the catcher twice with his follow through as insincere.

It’s a start for Machado, that is for sure but he is going to have to prove it on the playing field. He never admitted to intentionally throwing his bat.

12:49 pm: Rosenthal Reports that Machado is facing suspension


Of course we thought it was coming, in a way we all expected it but did we really? With the leniency shown towards many sports stars today there was always a chance that what was necessary wouldn’t happened. Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal just reported via Twitter that Manny Machado will, in fact, be suspended.

Of course as noted we will have to wait until tomorrow to know for sure but it looks like Major League Baseball is going to do the right thing. Machado’s behavior over the the weekend while the Orioles were playing the Oakland A’s was intolerable. He grinned when his back swing hit catcher Derek Norris in the head with his bat. He fought with Josh Donaldson because he tagged him out. There was an incident about being thrown out on strikes when Machado exploded because umpire Angel Hernandez called him out on strikes and then Sunday … 

Sunday was the day of “Manny Machado and the flying bat”. That is the killer for Machado right there. Throwing a bat? Come on and grow up bro! Seriously! 

Now hopefully, it appears the MLB will teach Machado his lesson – will it sink in? I sure hope so. He can go hang out with his buddy A-Rod while he’s outta the game for a minute!

*I will update this post as soon as more information is available! So come back by and check in!* 🙂

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