Confessions of a MLB Draft Newbie P1: my takeaways from 2014


Aiken via Larry Goren/Associated Press
Aiken via Larry Goren/Associated Press

To be completely honest I have never paid attention to the MLB Draft before. I had a lot to learn. I opted out of covering it for my site Fansided’s Call to the Pen because as I explained to my two co-editors, “I’m a complete draft newbie.” In past years I would know who the A’s picked and I watch minor league ball often but the draft? How does that really work?

So I’m gonna go with what I think I may have figured out here – if I am making any gross errors about ANYTHING please leave a comment and let me know!!! How else will I learn? LOL!

There are 40 rounds in the draft. The first round has three total rounds: the first (of course), the first compensatory round (I’ll get to this) and the competitive balance round. The second round is similar and the third round just has the original round and the competitive balance round (which I am going to address in another post) – then it just goes on from 4-40 each team takes their consecutive turn starting from the worst record of the previous year to the team with the best from the previous year. 

OK, Did that last paragraph make ANY sense at all will anyone let me know if that is even remotely correct??? Can anyone who actually reads this please let me know by leaving a comment??? Thanks! This is what I picked up from websites etc so I REALLY AM A NEWBIE! LOL!

So to reiterate first 34 picks of the MLB Draft include each team’s number one picks and the ones that were given as compensation for free agent signings, hence it’s title, the Compensatory First Round. The other part of the first round is called the Competitive Balance First Round, but right now let’s talk about the first 34 picks in the 2014 MLB Draft.

Mostly, we know the big stories of the MLB First-Year Player Draft. Left-handed, high school pitcher Brady Aiken was taken number one overall by the Houston Astros. The 17-year old has been compared to pitchers such as Andy Petitte and Clayton Kershaw.

Sixteen of the first 27 picks were pitchers, including Carlos Rendon who went third to the Chicago White Sox. Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan compared the southpaw to one already in the White Sox organization,

Passan went on to tweet that Rendon also still expects the money that he would have gotten had he gone number one overall. We’ll see how the White Sox feel about that quite soon.

The most interesting name award of the first round went to the Arizona Diamondback’s number 16 pick Touki Toussaint. Another big name was Hawaii’s own Kodi Medeiros who went to the Brewers at number 12. Much like catcher Kurt Suzuki he is quite the pride of the state at least until the next big baseball name comes around on the islands.

Chapman via College Baseball 360

Meanwhile in my part of the world …. Some in the Bay Area were happy when the San Francisco Giants took Tyler Beede from Vanderbilt at number 14, the Oakland Athletics’ star pitcher Sonny Gray’s alma mater, while others were nervous that the A’s went with Matt Chapman a third baseman (but also a right-handed pitcher who reportedly can throw into the high 90’s) out of Cal State Fullerton at number 26, because what does that mean for the future of Josh Donaldson. It’s a bit premature to be thinking about that right? There’s a lot of time to be put into the minor leagues and the guy hasn’t exactly signed yet.

Teams that forfeited their first round picks because they signed certain free agents were Baltimore (Ubaldo Jimenez, Nelson Cruz), Texas (Shin-Soo Choo), New York Yankees (Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury) and Atlanta (Ervin Santana).

The Toronto Blue Jays were the only team with two picks in the first round. With their first pick at number nine the Blue Jays selected RHP Jeff Hoffman and with their second pick, received because they failed to sign their first round pick from the 2013 MLB Draft (Phil Bickford), they took catcher Matt Pentecost, one of the few non-pitchers taken in the first round. 

The teams that got picks in the Compensatory First Round received them from the aforementioned teams who reluctantly (except maybe for NYY being that they forfeited three!) gave up their pics for free agents. Those teams were the Royals (Ervin Santana), Reds (Shin-Soo Choo), Rangers (Nelson Cruz), Indians (Ubaldo Jimenez), Braves (Brian McCann), Red Sox (Jacoby Ellsbury) and the Cardinals (Carlos Beltran). In my next post I will do my best to explain what I learned about the Competitive Balance Round. 🙂 Thanks for your time! xx ~ Jen



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