MLB Draft: “Johnny Football” or “Johnny Baseball?”



Scott Halleran/Getty Images
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Well, I am going to get to part two of what I learned about the draft but I think this is kinda funny and cool, even as a fan of UT (Hook ’em Horns – I’m so Texas when it comes to football! lol) so I thought I would address it before talking about the Competitive Balance round of the MLB Draft …. Introducing “Johnny Baseball?” LOL!

According to the Padres Johnny Manziel aka Mr. NCAA football himself  “Johnny Football” is actually “Johnny Baseball” or as the hashtags that have taken over the world #JohnnyBaseball. Manziel was drafted by the Padres in the 28th round.

Taking a page out of the Texas’ Rangers playbook the Padres drafted the Heisman Trophy winner and  recently named new quarterback of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. The Rangers as everyone probably remembers had a Rule-5 pick by the name of Super Bowl Champion, Russell Wilson, at their spring training camp in Surprise, AZ. The Padres president and CEO tweeted simply this,

It’s a safe bet that like Wilson, “Johnny Baseball” who last played the game as a junior in high school, will be throwing out first pitches not playing first base in the Padres infield.  He’s already thrown out a first pitch for the Padres and was supposed to at a Cleveland Indians game that was postponed. Surely he will be rescheduled to throw out a pitch in his new NFL home city. I wonder how many other teams will be interested in hosting the latest celebrity #JohnnyBaseball to throw out the first pitch? At least now the Heisman Trophy winner, out of Texas A&M, may just have a fall back if things don’t work out in the NFL.

Ok, I give in – he may have been an Aggie (seriously?!! Eww..) but I have to say, the guy is kinda cute and seems sweet ….. (crap, can I take that back now? jk … kinda! lol!!)

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