David Ortiz is NOT happy! Workman suspended, Price is not?!


Winslow Townson/Getty Images
Winslow Townson/Getty Images

Alright, first off I know many people have written about this story including my co-editor at Call to the Pen Steven Engbloom but I HAD to throw in my two cents in (AGAIN!! I already wrote on the subject) because well – this is freakin’ ridiculous in my opinion! 

The entire situation was literally centered around Tampa Bay Rays’ starter David Price. Yes, I understand that the reason he was not suspended was probably due to the fact he was never ejected from the game. That alone is ridiculous – he hit TWO batters – David Ortiz and Mike Carp! Yet, the Red Sox manager John Farrell and two of their coaches were thrown out and when Brandon Workman almost hit Rays’ third baseman Evan Longoria with a pitch he was thrown out!

Why wasn’t Price ejected from the game? Ortiz wants to know and so do I! When Big Papi was hit plate umpire Dan Bellino issued warnings to both benches and to Price – which proves that he believed there was intent behind the pitch. So after a first warning and then hitting Carp later in the game … wouldn’t that usually mean that Price is automatically ejected? I guess not. According to ESPN.com this is what Bellino said of Price after the game,

“Again, if we feel there was intent to hit the batter, he would have been ejected. We felt the pitch was certainly inside, but not intentional, so that’s why he stayed in the game.”

It doesn’t matter to me the intent behind the second hit batter – he’d already been issued a warning and two coaches had already been ejected from the game for the Red Sox – the team that had the players getting hit (Longoria was hit too but the Red Sox players took the worst of it). It seems quite suspicious and quite unfair! Wouldn’t you say?

And it gets worse with the suspension of Workman, who will appeal his suspension and rightfully so. He will be able to make his next start Wednesday against the Indians. He threw behind Longoria sure, but had he been issued a first personal warning like Price? No. Did he actually hit Longoria? No.

Now he gets a six game suspension and Price gets off scott free? REALLY? It’s a little on the side of UNBELIEVABLE! I completely understand Big Papi’s outrage! While I might not be a Red Sox or a Rays fan it most certainly seems as tht iough the Red Sox got the raw end of the deal here – ejections AND suspension- while the Rays get no penalty whatsoever? 

It just all seems weird. Of course Price was happy with the outcome. When asked about the situation today and if he thought it was right that he was not suspended Price replied,


Well, Ortiz had something to say too,

“We’re the ones getting fines and suspensions,”Ortiz said.I guess the rules aren’t for everyone. I don’t think what they’re doing is fair. I think the rules should be for everybody. We didn’t start this up. I didn’t hit nobody. Workman didn’t hit anybody in the first inning. [Price] did.”

I have to say that I am definitely with Big Papi on this one!

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