Jeter plans to own a major league ball club after retirement.

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Derek Jeter made his post-retirement ambitions known on Sunday at a Turn 2 Foundation charity dinner.

The legendary New York Yankees’ shortstop who is currently playing his 19th and final season of Major League Baseball has been clear on the fact that he does not want to be a manager. He does not want to continue having to deal with all the travel and day-to-day work that being a major league manager entails – I mean that is part of the reason he is retiring right? To get a little break and rest from all the day-to-day stuff he has been doing for approximately seven or eight months out of the year for the last two decades? That is what retirement is all about.

However, what about Jeter being a team owner? He’d still be involved in baseball but wouldn’t have to take on a big work load. Sounds good to Jeter who in a conversation with the New York Post’s Zach Braziller said the following according to,

“That’s the next goal, buddy,” he said at his 18th annual Turn 2 Foundation dinner at the Sheraton in Midtown Sunday night.

“Calling the shots, not answering to someone, that’s what interests me. I’d like to think I would be good one.”

He added, 

 “I learned a lot of things from the Boss.”

By “Boss” of course he means Yankees’ owner George Steinbrenner, who is of course a very public and hands on owner. Jeter did indicate that he would want to be a little more of a  behind the scenes type owner. 

He can always buy into a franchise like the Yankees (It’s not like he has a bad relationship with Stienbrenner and he would add even more celebrity status to the ownership) but personally I would (and of course I am biased) love to see him buy a poorer, smaller market team like the Oakland A’s and make the needed changes happen so that the A’s can stay in Oakland (or the Rays in Tampa – whoever, right?). I think that as having been a player in MLB he would be the type of owner to understand the players and the fans … but who knows? He can pretty buy or buy into any team he wants but no decisions or even real research will be done until after the 2014 season according to Jeter.


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