Welcome back to Oakland Stephen Vogt!


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Don’t worry there is nothing wrong with Derek Norris or John Jaso – believe me my heart literally skipped a beat when I read that Vogt was back. I’m stoked to have him back! He’s a great guy and a great player and it was heartbreaking for all involved as well as the fans when he wasn’t put on the Athletics’ roster after spring training.

If I remember correctly even manager Bob Melvin said that telling Vogt was one of the hardest things he’d had to do in baseball. Oh! I just found the quote via Jimmy Durkin at the San Jose Mercury News,

“That was maybe the most difficult one I’ve ever had to do,” Melvin said. “What he’s meant to this team in the time he’s been here. Come into spring trying to make a team, proving that he belongs here, and he did. That’s a tough one on everybody.”

Vogt had a great spring but was left off the roster because well for one thing carrying three catchers is a little strange and two, they basically put Barton on the roster instead. Sure Barton also had a good spring, but with his track record there weren’t many happy fans! And shockingly he didn’t work out on the roster AGAIN! (I almost died of shock that this could possibly happen, it’s only been eight years, five or so that he’s really been terrible).

Well technically the team said it was to carry an extra pitcher in the bullpen but we all know better. But that’s neither here nor there anymore because Vogt is back! So let’s all be stoked for him! I know I am. He’s a welcome addition back to the Oakland roster! Vogt is also the one, if you will remember, who hit the walk-off home run to win game two of last year’s American League Division Series.


Vogt after hitting the game winning homer in the 2013 ALDS Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Vogt after hitting the game winning homer in the 2013 ALDS Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This is also good because it will give Derek Norris and John Jaso time to rest from being behind the plate and take time as the designated hitter. It also frees up space for Alberto Callaspo, who has been good offensively despite not getting a lot of playing time, to play more often – which is helpful especially since Nick Punto has been in a bit of a slump.

Fernando Rodriguez was sent back to Triple-A Sacramento River Cats to make room for Vogt on the roster so the A’s will be down a reliever for a while. But it shouldn’t be too long with both Ryan Cook and Eric O’Flaherty being just about ready to come off of the disabled list. 

Overall, this is a great move for Oakland, Vogt, BoMel and as a fan – it makes me happy! Let’s Go Oakland!

Vogt comes onto the roster hitting .364 on the year for the River Cats with three home runs and 19 RBI in 21 games. 

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