Hey A’s Fans! Do you really want to disappoint Doo??

Attention A’s Fans –

Here is what our closer, yes, our “Doo” said about us on HardballTalk :

“We spent all offseason telling the new guys about how great our fans were. And from game one — game one — he got booed off the field. We’re sitting in the dugout looking around. I can’t remember that happening since I’ve been here. We went through some rough patches last year when we were pretty bad, but I don’t remember the boo birds coming out like that.”

“I mean, we all take notice of it. One guy was giving him the double-barreled middle finger above the dugout after one of his outings. That’s disgusting. That’s pretty ridiculous that he has to deal with that.”

(** DISCLAIMER* This is mainly a note to any and all “casual” A’s fans out there or people who are supposed “Bay Area fans” which do not really exist because as most of us real A’s fans know – you can’t like both the A’s and the giants. It’s just WRONG! and really disgusting. True giants fans (all 5% of them!) even understand this undeniable fact. AND of course I know REAL, TRUE A’s fans DO NOT “boo” our players. – or flip them off for that matter. Real A’s fans are the 15,000 ish who are there almost every game no matter what the team’s record or how terrible the weather is. You guys – WE KNOW WHO WE ARE, hell, I know most of you!! so please don’t take this as a personal note to you. I know I have now said it twice but I can’t be offending my friends now can I?**)

Back to the issue at hand and it’s a biggie!!!

Sean Doolittle is disappointed in us. And if Doo is, how do you think Coco feels or the Bringer of Rain or (insert your favorite player here)? Anyone being disappointed in you sucks but to let down our favorite players, guys who do their best for us day in and day out, guys who deserve our support … and yes, those guys include Jim Johnson.

I will be honest. I’m not a fan – I was even worried when we got him because regardless of having 50+ saves for two straight seasons, he blew NINE last year alone – and in the AL West we all know you can’t just lose nine games like that and win the West for the first straight year.

I am not a fan of him as player, I admit that but I do not know him as a person. There is a good chance I would probably like him as a person if I had the chance to get to know him so there is no reason to “boo” him. I am sure it hurts his feelings. Wouldn’t that make you feel down?

Seriously, as annoyed as it may make the fans – how would that REALLY make you feel? The people who are supposed to have your back and turning their backs on you! It really isn’t cool. AND WE CERTAINLY DO NOT WANT TO STOOP TO THE LEVEL OF giants “fans” who taunted (albeit an opposing player) Pat Neshek about his poor, little son Gherig, may he rest in peace. I mean that was the most messed up shit I have EVER seen/heard and I’m afraid that “booing” out own players may lead down that road. And we are SOOOO much better than giants fans so let’s never even start down their road of rude, terrible and abusive behavior, ok?

As A’s fans we have a reputation to uphold! We are kind, creative, supportive, interesting, LOUD (supporting our players) and in general just hella cool! We have the best shirts, costumes, socks – you name it! We got all the swag! Now let’s have the best attitudes as well shall we?

What are people really booing at anyway? We are in first place in the West, considered by most the best team in the American League and we KNOW we are the best fans – so let’s make sure the world notices … Got it? Good! Now LET’S GO OAKLAND!!! 🙂

xx~ Jen (you know where to find me! Here or on Twitter @OakAsSocksGrl)




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