On this day in baseball history my favorite player of all time ….


Great stat on this day in 1977 my All-Time fave player Dennis Eckersley threw a no-hitter for the Indians … to who? Ray Fosse! I have always loved that stat, he also won 20 games in 1978 before defining the modern closer role … next to Mariano Rivera, Eck is definitely one of the greatest closers of all-time! No wonder he’s my fave! I LOVED watching him as a kid in Oaktown!eck2

Glen Kuiper threw in a stat I didn’t know – In his previous start, Eck pitched an entire 10 inning game only giving up a hit in the first inning and in his next start didn’t give up a hit in the first five innings or so … one of the longest streaks ever! Of course the great Cy Young owns the record for most innings without giving up a hit …. (I will probably write more later once I have a chance to look up some more stats … but I wanted to squeeze this in because it was May 30, 1977! So 37 years ago! Wow! I love the Eck!)


California Angels v Cleveland Indians

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