Not a Pitcher’s duel at all! Unlikely heroes on both sides lead Tigers to 6-5 win over A’s

Well it certainly- wasn’t even close to what I expected. I expected a quick, low scoring dual of two of the best pitchers in the American League – even of the entire MLB. The AL ERA leader (dont know if he still is) and the reigning CY Young Award winner? What else would anyone expect. Even the Coliseum was packed with people expecting a good battle between Sonny Gray and Max Scherzer. Neither one was terrible but neither one looked like the pitcher they are heralded to be. It was a random group of other position players who made the game for the Tigers, almost made the game for the A’s and kinda broke it for the A’s as well. Which sucks! (for me … I doubt anyone reading this – if anyone even does will be a Tigers fan but if you are congrats and good for you! TeamKaz is coming for ya and Anibal tomorrow!)

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The game ended in no decisions for both pitchers and the score was 6-5 in favor of the Tigers. Two game changing plays were what really influenced the game, in my opinion. Both plays involved base stealing. Coco Crisp getting caught stealing in the first inning and Melvin wasting his challenge on an obviously inconclusive play –  then of course former Athletic Rajai Davis stealing third in the top of the 8th. If he hadn’t done that he wouldn’t have scored – even if the A’s had completed the double play I am pretty sure that Davis would have been home before the throw to first was completed.

Even though the A’s lost John Jaso was the A’s hero – he threw out Victor Martinez trying to steal second and hit a go-ahead home run to put the A’s in front 5-4. Even though the lead didn’t last he’s still the hero. He was hit by a pitch from Max Scherzer – who by the way committed the most blatant balk I have ever seen scoring Josh Reddick – right on his forearm … at first it was called a foul ball and Jaso was out at first … that is until Jaso’s arm swelled up to the size of a baseball then he was awarded first base!


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The hero for the Tigers? A typical A’s killer – even though he has ties as a friend of the RFB crew – he’s been an A’s killer since forever. Every team he has been on – Minnesota, Anaheim – excuse me the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (that name still irks me), the Tigers? Does not matter … A’s killer. Yes, of course I mean Mr. Torii Hunter. It’s unfortunate that as a person he seems to be a likable guy bc  for just one example – Like last summer when the A’s were about to sweep Detroit in a four game series in August?  Yeah that was Hunter who handed then closer Grant Balfour his second blown save of the season. I remember it like it was yesterday.

hunterBut I guess when it comes down to it the 9 time Gold Glove winner, five time All-Star and two time silver slugger probably is a pain in everyone’s ass. Shooty and Glen were talking about him being a future Hall of Famer and I agree. Although I wouldn’t say a first ballot one. The last two seasons he has hit over .300 but his career BA is only .279 – not that that’s a reason for him not to be a HOF member however – it’s a lot more likely to be a first ballot inductee with a career .300 average, unless of course you are a pitcher … but I am getting extraordinarily off topic here.

I guess I will stop rambling – this is exactly what one of my rambling posts looks like although they are usually better than this one. I’m not feeling on my game tonight! Ugh! Maybe it’s just that I hate losing, or that I hate the gnats and their fans or that the Tigers just piss me off to no end … so yeah, I’m out for the night! 

Tomorrow we’ve got southpaw Scott Kazmir and Anibal Sanchez facing off in Oakland at 7:05pm! See you there!

Author: Jen Rainwater – find me on Twitter @OakAsSocksGrl

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